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Former Lawyer, PhD In Biochemistry Among New Project Inspire Teacher Residents - The Chattanoogan

The Chattanoogan
Resident Sarah Stumper interviewed for Project Inspire while working towards a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Brandeis University. Her volunteer work with Big Brothers Big Sisters led to a realization that she loves helping others explore ...

Threatened flora and fauna in the Wimmera region - The Guardian

The Guardian
A vast array of threatened animals and plant species call the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve home. The reserve, which is almost 1000 hectares, is located in Victoria's west Wimmera region and is part of the national conservation project Habitat ...

11 Developments and Discoveries in Human Biology and Medicine Over the Past Ten Years - Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering
Since the completion of the groundbreaking Human Genome Project, massive strides have been made in our understanding of biology, science, and the human body. Many developments have been made on the genetic or cellular level that could have ...

A Backyard Mini-project: Airborne Fungi

Sunnyvale - United States

Article by Bill Dembowski on culturing microorganisms, with photographs of the resulting moulds on the culture medium and under the microscope.

Flickr: Airborne Cats
United States

Photographs of cats in various states of flight.

Mini Pigs
Cayman Islands

Dedicated to the rescue of abused, abandoned, and neglected miniature pigs.

Cognitive Architecture of a Mini-brain: The Honeybee
United States

Abstract of an article by Randolf Menzel and Martin Giurfa examining the extent to which adaptive behaviour in honeybees exceeds elementary forms of learning, and identifying the neural mechanisms involved. [PDF]

Matt Chamberlain's Mini Reef Tank
United States

Details an experience with a mini reef environment.

Backyard Snakes
United States

Introduction to snake life in an average North American backyard. Sections on classification, snake adaptations, identification tips, and venomous species.

What Is a Backyard Breeder?
United States

Describes backyard breeders as individuals who keep a number of dogs and either breed them deliberately or just let them breed with no understanding of or concern about the breed standard, socializing dogs, or maintaining their health.

United States

Allows users from around the world to upload photos, drawings, and descriptions of the natural surroundings where they live, their "backyard."

Mycorrhiza - Backyard Nature

The word "mycorrhiza" is built from classical Greek roots. Myco means "fungus" and rhiza means "root," so the word mycorrhiza literally means "fungus-root." When the hyphae of certain fungi form specialized sheaths around the roots of certain plants, that fungal root-coating is the mycorrhiza.

Hunting for 'Bears' in the Backyard
United States

Illustrated method for finding terrestrial tardigrades, an article from the Microscopy UK web magazine.

Moths in a Connecticut Backyard
United States

Photos of and comments on some of the moths showing up in John Himmelman's yard throughout the seasons, including Eyed Baileya, Lettered Sphinx, and Eastern Tent Caterpillars.