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Flora and Fauna of Fairfield - The Fairfield Mirror

The Fairfield Mirror
These are the animals Dorothy Gale had to fear in “The Wizard of Oz”, but at Fairfield University, most students are just as worried about the turkeys. But that's not all. While the turkeys are a constant staple on both the Fairfield greens and outside ...

Social isolation: Animals that break away from the pack can influence evolution - Science Daily

Science Daily
Research on evolution typically focuses on the importance of social interactions, including parent-offspring bonding, competition for resources, and courtship and mating rituals. But Nathan Bailey at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and his ...

Zoology professor brings dinosaurs to life for pupils - The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald
Children were enthralled as they got the chance to see replica fossils close up and hear from the professor of zoology at Oxford University about how animals would have lived thousands of years ago. As well as being keen to find out how fish outdated ...

A-Z Animals: A-Z Animals Encyclopedia

Suffolk - United Kingdom was developed by Millie Bond as a simple resource for animal facts, information and resources. Since it started in November 2008 the encyclopedia has grown rapidly to now include over 450 different animals.

Olejar's Encyclopedia of Animals
Czech Republic

Includes a searchable encyclopedia of facts concerning a broad range of Animalia.

Animals, etc.
United States

Learn about animals from all over the world and find pictures and webcams monitoring the animals at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

All For Animals
United States

Directory of animal rescue groups, animal rights groups, companies against animal testing, pet goods and services, nature, and wildlife resources.
United States

Collection of animal sites. Find pages featuring news about endangered species, animal pictures and videos, and sites especially for kids.

Aquatic Animals

Articles, links and discussions.

Radiation of the First Animals
United States

Illustrated lecture transcript by Dr. Jere Lipps. Discussion of the evolutionary record of the pre-Cambrian period and the Cambrian explosion, including the traces and impacts of non-skeletal life forms.

Animals and Anomalies
United States

Article by Tamra Brennan on the unexpected arrival of a white buffalo calf at a zoo in Pennsylvania.

United States

An article from NASA's Astrobiology Magazine about the ability of tardigrades to survive extreme conditions.

Farm Animals
United States

For children to learn about farm and wild animals. With animal sounds, illustrations, and photographs.

BBC: Animals
United Kingdom

Explore science and nature at the BBC site dedicated to the animal kingdom. Includes animal fact files for wildlife and pets as well as articles, quizzes, show guides, and more.