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Azerbaijan and Russia set up Scientific Research Center for Experimental Zoology - Azerbaijan Business Center

Azerbaijan Business Center
Baku, Fineko/ The Institute of Zoology of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) and the Tyumen State University (Russia) signed the Protocol of Intentions. The Institute informs that within the Protocol it will be founded a joint ...

6 Reasons We Should Be Calling Potatoes A Superfood - Huffington Post

Huffington Post
Kanchan Koya, Ph.D. combines her Doctorate in Molecular Biology from Harvard Medical School and her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to elevate health with science and flavour. She is a Certified Health Coach and creator of Spice ...

Anatomy of a cryptographic collision – the “Sweet32” attack - Naked Security

Naked Security
Researchers at the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation in France (INRIA) have come up with the latest BWAIN. A BWAIN ia a Bug With An Impressive Name, and this one has a logo, too: Sweet32 is a way to attack encrypted web ...

Aadhar Institute

Dallas - United States

Biotech coaching institute in Jaipur, India offering classroom guidance for examinations. Provides details of programs, results, sample papers, a correspondence course and a forum.

Bioinformatics Institute

Singapore Bioinformatics conducting informatics research, development, and training, to generate knowledge from large volumes of Biology and Chemistry data

Cielo Institute, Inc.
United States

A group of mathematical, physical, chemical, biophysical and biomedical researchers focused on the development of computational techniques for the analysis of polypeptides.

Institute of Biophysics

Part of the University of Hannover in Germany. Their research is focused on structural biology, environmental biophysics and plant membrane proteins.


Education and research are focused on the application of microorganisms and enzymes for the production of biocatalytic systems. Includes research, publications, events, and course modules in Zurich, Switzerland.

Marine Institute

Ireland's national agency for marine research. Includes information on investigations of marine fisheries and aquaculture, environmental toxins, phytoplankton, and other aquatic ecological topics.

Cawthron Institute
New Zealand

A private research institute, specializing in aquaculture, marine biosecurity, coastal and estuarine ecology, freshwater ecology, and analytical laboratory services.

Ecostudies Institute
United States

Nonprofit scientific organization in Mt. Vernon, Washington, USA that conducts ecological studies to improve conservation, management, and restoration of native biodiversity.

Roslin Institute
United Kingdom

Major international centre for research on molecular and quantitative genetics of farm animals, and poultry science, with major programmes on the biology of reproduction, developmental biology and growth .

The Galton Institute
United Kingdom

The Institute aims to promote the public understanding of human heredity and to facilitate informed debate about the ethical issues raised by advances in reproductive technology. Provides information on joining, news, events and publications.

Broad Institute
United States

A collaboration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Focused on genetic research in the areas of cancer, genome biology, human disease and computational biology.