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Diet Low in Branched-Chain Amino Acids May Be Key to Weight Loss: Study -
A specific group of amino acids called branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) is elevated in the blood of obese, insulin-resistant humans and rodents. A new study in mice indicates that lowering consumption of BCAAs may combat the metabolic problems that ...

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Retracts Key Conclusions That Supposedly Furthered the Plausibility of Darwinian ... - CBN News

CBN News
A scientist who was convinced by his research claims that supposedly furthered the plausibility of Darwinian evolution has retracted many of his conclusions. Those who subscribe to Darwin's Theory of Evolution assert that RNA, a nucleic acid present in ...

Human Physiology, Biochemistry and Basic Medicine - satPRnews (press release)

satPRnews (press release)
Coverage starts with human anatomy and physiology and the details of the workings of all parts of the male and female body. Next, coverage of human biochemistry and how sugars, fats, and amino acids are made and digested is discussed, as is human basic ...

Abbreviations and Symbols for Nucleic Acids, Polynucleotides and their Constituents

London - United Kingdom

Web version of the recommendations set forth in 1970.

Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids
United States

Lecture notes on nucleic acid structure, DNA replication and repair, the genetic code and translation, as well as cancer genes, from Oregon State University, USA 2003.

Nucleic Acids Research
United Kingdom

Publishes papers on methods, RNA, structural biology, surveys and summaries, molecular biology, enzymology, chemistry, and genome structure and mapping. Nucleic Acids
United States

Offers a very brief introduction to the types of nucleic acids and their five basic building blocks: uracil, cytosine, thymine, adenine, and guanine.

United States

Provides an overview of their structure and nomenclature, adenosine and guanosine derivatives, the properties of DNA, and related topics.

Nucleic Acids Research
United States

Results of leading edge research into physical, chemical, biochemical and biological aspects of nucleic acids and proteins involved in nucleic acid metabolism and/or interactions.

Nucleic Acids in Drug Discovery
United States

Industry meeting stressing the importance of target validation and functional genomics tools, successful early research, and new applications of nucleic acids.

The Friedman Lab: Nucleic Acids
United States

Nucleic acids are fascinating. About every decade a new feature of their role in biology is uncovered. Initially it was as the repository of genetic information (genomic DNA). Then it was as the medium by which that information is converted into proteins (messenger and transfer RNA). Then it was as catalysts (ribozymes and the ribosome). And then, in spectacular fashion, it was as a parallel and previously unseen universe of genetic control (smal

Nucleic Acids Symposium Series
United States

Supplementary publication to Nucleic Acids Research.

Unregulated Hazards 'Naked' and 'Free' Nucleic Acids
United Kingdom

Discusses the hazards associated with naked/free nucleic acids being produced in laboratories and released unregulated into the environment.

Glossary of Molecular Biology Terms and Abbreviations

Provides a searchable database.