Nairobi - Kenya

The African Biodiversity Conservation and Innovations Centre (ABCIC) was established in 2010 as a non-profit making regional organization enhancing the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity for posterity, environmental preservation and sustenance of livelihoods for the African rural communities. ABCIC primarily focuses on agrobiodiversity and adopts an integrated approach that carefully balances conservation imperatives with the sustainable use through facilitating and promoting production, product development and enhancing marketing of biodiversity products through a value chain approach.

Our vision is that agrobiodiversity is conserved and sustainably utilized thereby contributing to poverty alleviation, socio-economic development and environmental conservation in Africa.

Our mission is to promote and facilitate the adoption of innovations and technologies for agrobiodiversity conservation and utilization by institutions and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa for sustenance of livelihoods, income generation, food security and environmental conservation.

We implement our mandate through applied research, technical advice and strengthening of African institutions involved in agrobiodiversity conservation and use, value chains and capacity building. We develop strategic partnerships and work in close collaboration with a network of partners for synergy and making the best use of competitive advantages.

Our core values include pursuit of excellence in empowering African institutions and communities to transform agrobiodiversity into tangible goods and services for both environmental conservation and improvement of the socio-economic well being.