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Renowned biologist gives Darwin Day genetics lecture - Stony Brook Statesman

Stony Brook Statesman
Hopi Hoekstra, Alexander Agassiz professor of zoology and curator of mammals in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, discussed scientist Charles Darwin, what he knew and what he didn't know at the Earth and Space Sciences Building ...

Council neglecting Botany, say residents - Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph
It has just been left by the council.” Residents have also complained of streets in Botany not being swept, litter not picked up and grass not cut. Kim Flannery has been using the pool since it opened in the 1960s. Picture: John Appleyard. “We ...

Intersection: 83rd Bach Festival Brings Baroque To New Audiences - WMFE

John Sinclair leads the Bach Festival Society choir and orchestra in rehearsal. Photo: Douglas W. Jackson. The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park's 83rd annual festival launches this evening. The three week long festival runs through March and ... History of Penicillin - Alexander Fleming, John Sheehan, Andrew Moyer

New York - United States

Traces the contribution of the three scientists in penicillin's development as one of the most widely used antibiotic agents.

Bacteriologist, Alexander Fleming
United States

Article from Time magazine.

Biography of Sir Alexander Fleming

Also includes his Nobel lecture.

Science Odyssey: Alexander Fleming
United States

Biography of the Nobel Prize winner who discovered penicillin.

Dr. Andrew Weil
United States

Brief biography of the doctor for whom psilocybe weilii was named. Includes comments on his research and data on the chemical components of the mushroom.

Fleming Forum
United States

Medical microbiology site with abstract and review updates.

Andrew McCarthy Associates
United Kingdom

Consultant ecologists in the UK. Provides a range of ecology-related services from an initial ecological scoping appraisal, a protected species survey and environmental impact assessment and proceeding to the implementation and monitoring of innovative mitigation solutions.

Andrew's Moss Site

Photographs of mosses and a key to identifying the mosses and liverworts of northwest Europe.


Research interests are in molecular biology, protein and plant-specific techniques, as well as in computers.

Andrew S. Waller - Wildlife Consultant
United Kingdom

Ecological studies on wildlife and habitats in the UK -- details of services and projects.

DNAgeing: Alexander Mazin
United States

Articles on DNA methylation as a generator of mutations and a mechanism of aging. Includes research interests of author in Moscow, Russia.