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Scientists develop synthetic biology-inspired materials systems -
Scientists from the University of Freiburg have developed materials systems that are composed of biological components and polymer materials and are capable of perceiving and processing information. These biohybrid systems were engineered to perform ...

Ancestor's dinners gives new insight into NZ biodiversity - Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand
Scientists have been examining the eating habits of our ancestors to study the impact early humans have had on New Zealand's biodiversity. Excavation site at Awamoa Photo: Shar Briden, Absolute Archaeology Limited, Dunedin. They've been looking at ...

Therapeutic antibodies vary depending on production system - Phys.Org

Strasser, a member of the Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology, commented: "Even we were surprised by how big the differences were. There were sharp contrasts between the two systems in terms of the structure of the carbohydrates used for ...

Absolute Antibody - Engineered Antibodies For All

Oxford - United Kingdom

Absolute Antibody is a new company offering services in Antibody Engineering, Antibody Expression and Hybridoma Sequencing. In particular Absolute Antibody can change antibodies in the following ways: Subtype Switching, Species Switching, Isotype Switching and Reformatting into Fabs, F(ab')2 and Bispecific antibodies.

YenZym Antibodies - Custom Antibody Service
United States

Specialists in raising custom antibodies against problematic proteins including GPCR, channel proteins, and post-translationally modified proteins that require special epitope designs.

Antibody Review - Antibody Search Engine
United States

Antiobdy Review is an antibody directory and search engine to help researchers find the most suitable antibodies for their work. The site provides an easy way to search and compare antibodies available from many commercial vendors, view antibody images and related publications.


Information from Greenpeace about the possible ecological impacts of genetically engineered salmon, commonly know as Frankenfish.

Absolute Ecology
United Kingdom

Ecological consultancy in the UK providing wildlife surveys for development projects. Includes details of services, advice and news.

Absolute Pandas
United States

Includes pictures and information about history, habitat, diet, and parenting.

Absolute Flamingos
United States

Offers photos, information, and animated GIFs.

Absolute Natural Resources, LLC
United States

A professional aquatic and terrestrial ecological consulting firm, operating primarily in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions. Includes a profile and details of services.

Antibodies Inc.

Offers immunogenicity testing, immunoassay design, production and package outsourcing for diagnostic kits, based on polyclonals raised in-house, and monoclonal antibodies, from their own hybridoma service, in Davis, California.

Antibody Link

Antibody information database where antibodies are organized by the target protein UniProt id.

Antibody Shop

Specializing in immunoassays, immunodiagnostics, and antibody production.