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Christian faith and evolution not in opposition to each other - Fresno Bee

Fresno Bee
Phillip Hinton (June 5) implies that you can't be a Christian and accept the theory of evolution. But none other than Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health and former head of the Human Genome Project, affirms what he calls ...

Life in the fast lane: Ecologists say dispersal ability linked to plants' life cycles - Phys.Org

To that end, Beckman, with colleagues James Bullock of the United Kingdom's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Rob Salguero-G√≥mez of the University of Oxford, used the massive COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database, an online repository containing ...

Researchers Publish Special Edition Paper on Marine Biology - Daily Nexus

Daily Nexus
Research biologists from UC Santa Barbara's Marine Science Institute (MSI) have edited a special edition of Marine Ecology that sets the stage for future long-term monitoring of marine protected areas. California's 1999 Marine Life Protection Act ...

Access Research Network: Christian de Duve Lectures on the Origins and Evolution of Life at UCSD

Houston - United States

Analysis of a 2001 lecture.

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1974: Albert Claude, Christian de Duve, and George E. Palade

Features their autobiographies and Nobel lectures.

Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere
United States

Covers all topics on the origins of life, but focuses especially on molecular evolution and evolution in a cosmic context. Abstracts available. Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life.

Evolution Activities from Access Excellence
United States

Teaching materials related to various aspects of evolutionary biology.

United States

Interactive site introducing the human-like species that came before us, our closest ancestors, with a hominid family tree.

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa
United States

Links for primates, human evolution and paleoecology, course notes on Human Origins, and Jeanne Sept's personal web pages at Indiana University.

Origins and Evolution of Human Diet
United States

Central repository of information and links pertaining to the study of the origins and evolution of human diet.

United States

Historical perspective on the role of RNA in the evolution of life.

Genetics and the Origins of Life and Death
United States

Essay on modern genetics and its impact on fundamental questions such as the origin of life on Earth and the causes of aging .

The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution/Intelligent Design Controversy
United States

A useful indepth exploration of the creation/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective. Contains essays on the Earth's history and events relevant to evolutionary theory

Marine Life Information Network
United Kingdom

The website of the Marine Biological Association of the UK and Ireland.