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Unusual Giraffe Deaths - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
In the interests of recycling old Tet Zoo material from the archives, here are some musings on giraffe deaths. Lightning image by John R. Southern, CC BY-SA 2.0. Angolan giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis (c) Hans Hillewaert, CC BY-SA 4.0 ...

Wildlife artist honored with World Ecology Award - UMSL Daily (blog)

UMSL Daily (blog)
Anna Harris, a chairperson for the Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center at UMSL, and artist Robert Bateman pose moments after she presented him with the 2015 World Ecology Award on Saturday at the World Ecology Gala at the Saint Louis Zoo. (Photos ...

Entebbe Zoo wins Waza Biodiversity award - New Vision

New Vision
WAZA, an official partner of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) set out a project to produce Conservation Education communication materials using posters Mobile App for raising awareness about biodiversity in the zoo and to aquarium visitors.

Accra Zoo

Silver Spring, Maryland - United States

The zoo, which is small but fascinating, has a collection of many birds and animals indigenous to Africa. Just fifteen minutes walk from the King Tackie Tackie Tawiah overhead pass (formerly Sankara Circle) if you do visit it might be useful to make a donation to the zoos upkeep as it is in.

San Diego Zoo - Live Web Cams and Zoo Videos
United States

Watch polar bears, apes, elephants, and pandas.

Zoo Negara: Towards A World Class Zoo

Zoo Negara Malaysia is managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society, a non-governmental organization established to create the first local zoo for Malaysians. Zoo Negara was officialy opened on 14th November 1963 and has matured into a well-known zoo all around the world. We have a total of over 5137 specimen from 476 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Zoo Negara covers 110 acres of land which is situated only 5km from t

Dublin Zoo: Dublin Zoo Gains National Collection Status for Libertia
United States

Article describing how, finding the plant Libertia grandiflora was not eaten by the zoo's wildfowl, other species in this genus have been planted by the lakesides and a collection built up.

World Zoo Today - One World One Zoo
United States

World Zoo Today is dedicated to Zoos, Aquariums, Wildlife Refuges, Rescue Centers, and scientists around the world for the hard work they do in animal conservation and education. We just love animals here at World Zoo Today. That is how this site got started. Traveling all over the country our first stop was always the Zoos, Aquariums, Wildlife Refuges, Drive Through Parks, and anywhere that had animals.

ME's Zoo
United States

Parker City near Muncie. 300 animals on a 50 acre family farm. Includes hours, directions, history, and animal adoption information.

Beyond Zoo
United States

Preventing the loss of our favorite zoo animals and their natural habitats.

The Dakota Zoo
United States

Bismark. Includes visitor information, zoo map, activities, history, and animal photos.

Infrared Zoo
United States

Uses infrared photography to show the differences between warm and cold blooded animals.

Zoo Biology
United States

Articles concerned with reproduction, demographics, genetics, behavior and other aspects of maintenance of wild animals.

The Electronic Zoo
United States

Large collection of animal related internet resources presented in a fun and easy to navigate manner. Includes many links to individual zoo websites.