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Experimental Therapy Could Treat Diabetes and Fatty Liver - Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Chronicle
"This is a whole new class of drugs," said senior author Dr. Lorraine Gudas, chair of the Department of Pharmacology and the Revlon Pharmaceutical Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Weill Cornell Medicine. 'RARB2 is a new target for diabetes ...

Biochemists advancing research into autism, Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome - Phys.Org

In a study published in the December 2013 issue of Biochemistry, Pierce's team outlined how mutations outside the active site environment or "outer coordination sphere" of the enzyme have profound influence on the release of reactive oxygen species.
EurekAlert (press release)

Global Immunology Partnering 2010-2016: Deal trends, players and financials - PR Newswire (press release)

PR Newswire (press release)
Chapter 4 provides a review of the leading Immunology deals since 2010. Deals are listed by headline value. The chapter includes the top 25 most active Immunology dealmakers, together with a full listing of deals to which they are a party. Where the ...

Calculating whiskers send precise information to the brain - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Ehud Ahissar and his group in the Institute's Neurobiology Department, including Dr. Knarik Bagdasarian, have been investigating the rat's active sensing system for over a decade, applying a method in which the experimenter "does the whisking" for an ...

Cultural Evolution, Extraterrestrials, and Active SETI - Huffington Post

Huffington Post
For example, this way of thinking assumes that evolution is linear and teleological, or that it has some sort of goal. Evolution doesn't work like this. It is simply change. The only direction, if we can think of it that way, comes from the fact that ...

Alexion returns to College Street - Yale Daily News (blog)

Yale Daily News (blog)
Schlessinger acknowledged, however, that many graduates of the Yale pharmacology program seek employment and are hired by pharmaceutical companies such as Alexion and by small biotechnology companies, some of which were founded by members ...

Scientists rush to save an iconic frog from an active volcano in Ecuador -
“We are under yellow alert but right now the superficial activity is low,” Dr. Santiago Ron, curator of amphibians at Ecuador's Museum of Zoology and a herpetologist at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, told Mongabay. “This will ...

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Wockhardt Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Organisation

Wockhardt is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisation, providing affordable, high-quality medicines for a healthier world. It is Indias leading ...

United States

TOKU-E: the Evolution of Biopurity. TOKU-E is a supplier of high-purity antibiotics for both pharmaceuticals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) ...


Provides custom peptide synthesis, GMP peptide synthesis, antibody services, peptide, antibody, and pharmaceutical compounds, solid phase synthesis, resins and molecular ...

Process Research and Rapid Supply of APIs
United Kingdom

CARBOGEN AMCIS delivers leading process research services that support the drug development process. Early active pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacture centers ...

Nepeta cataria - Catnip
United States

Photographs of catnip wholeplant, leaves and flowers, information on active ingredients, effect on cats, and botanical characteristics.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in Bangladesh. The company ...

Biofin Laboratories

Italian company mainly involved in fermentation technology, the production of interesting molecules by means of the biosynthetic property of not-pathogenic ...

Biofin Laboratories

Fermentation technology, strain improvement, industrial fermentation and biotechnology. Biofin Laboratories is an Italian company involved in fermentation technology, semi-synthesis technologies ...

MedicineNet: Salvia (Salvia Divinorum)
United States

Provides information on the herb and drug Salvia.

Changzhou Highassay Chemical Co., Ltd

HIGHASSAY is Changzhou Highassay Chemical Co., Ltd. registering brand for fine chemicals, biochemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients on worldwide market. ...

Next Generation Pharmaceutical Europe
United Kingdom

A B2B publication reporting the key issues facing the European pharmaceutical industry. Includes interviews, analysis and news.

Biohealthcare Publishing (Oxford) Ltd

International publisher of books covering biopharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, health science and bioscience.

Pharmaceutical Guide
United Kingdom

The Pharmacy Guide is a non-prescription medication resource, New Guide to: Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Know Your Drug for best supplements Shop ...

United States

Consultancy in chemicals, nutrition, agriculture, biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer products and regulatory affairs. Corporate profile, service range, news, contacts for ...

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Limited (NZP)
New Zealand

NZP is an innovative leader in the New Zealand biotechnology and manufacturing industry due to its focus on strong customer ...

Next Generation Pharmaceutical US
United Kingdom

Publication reporting the key issues facing the US pharmaceutical industry. Interviews, analysis and news.

APOTEX: Advancing Generics

APOTEX is an independent, dynamic, Canadian pharmaceutical company committed to R&D, manufacturing and distributing a broad range of high-quality, affordable ...

Insight Pharma Reports
United States

Insight Pharma Reports are written by experts in consulting and industry who collaborate with us to provide a series of ...

SRS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

SRS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company involved in manufacture and supply of wide range ...

Caring Consumer
United States

Contains information from PETA about companies and charities that do and don't test their products on animals.

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