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Lycoming College receives $125000 grant to support interdisciplinary biochemistry major - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Williamsport Sun-Gazette
As Lycoming College's STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum evolves to encompass biochemical studies and increasingly advanced technology, students and faculty will benefit from a $125,000 grant awarded by the George I. Alden ...

Global biochemistry analyzers market is expected to be driven by development of technologically advanced analyzers ... - Euro Watchers By MarketResearch.Biz (blog)

Euro Watchers By MarketResearch.Biz (blog)
The global biochemistry analyzers market revenue is expected to register a moderate CAGR over the forecast period. Increasing number R&D activities for development of low cost analyzers is expected to boost growth of the market over the forecast period.

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tsinghua University pen drug discovery pact - FierceBiotech

Tsinghua has an immunology department staffed by researchers who have advanced understanding of topics such as T cell differentiation and autoimmune disease, and an immunotherapy innovation center that connects its scientists to the pharmaceutical ...
The Pharma Letter

Advanced Biomechanics LLC.

Edinburg, Texas - United States

A group of people dedicated to promoting and maintaining quality care to patients and their families touched by illness or injury. From simple items such as a cane to complex items such as a prosthetic limb, we provide items and services with the intention to improve ones quality of life. Our coverage area extends from Laredo to Corpus Christi to Brownsville, and all areas in between.

Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
United States

Manufacturer of viral preparations, DNA controls, ELISA and IFA test kits, antibodies, antigens, and viral proteins. Also offers custom services, including electron microscopy, antiviral drug testing, and large-scale custom virus production.

Advanced Analytical
United States

Full service instrument manufacturer of Micro PRO, an automated, laser based optical system designed for rapid microbial detection, and other advanced analytical systems for oligo, pKa values and capillary electrophoresis.

Advanced ChemTech
United States

Products for combinatorial, organic and peptide synthesis chemistry instrumentation. Amino acids and derivatives. Resin supports. Combinatorial libraries for screening.

United States

Offers genomics and bioinformatics services by using Affymetrix, Illumina and Agilent microarrays for gene expression and copy number variations for differential gene expression, pathways, diseases and functional analyses.

Advanced BioHealing, Inc.
United States

Development and marketing of cell based and tissue engineered products for wound care. Profile of company in Westport, Connecticut.

Advanced Brain Monitoring
United States

Develops portable devices that interpret electrical activity and identify levels of alertness or drowsiness.

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics
United States

Developing a new technology platform that can shorten the time-to-market for the commercialization of protein therapeutics. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Advanced Genetics Wizard
United States

Online program that calculates the distribution of offspring genotypes from dominant, codominant and recessive gene crosses, for up to 6 genes.

United States

Research in Frank-Kamenetskii's group at Boston University involving peptide nucleic acids (PNAs). Related links.

Advanced Vision Therapies, Inc.
United States

Company focused on the treatment of sight-threatening eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and finding a cure.