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'Grey's Anatomy' star Jesse Williams has message for Silicon Valley: Stop excluding black people - USA TODAY

Asked what message he'd like to send the technology industry, Jesse Williams leans back in his chair and pauses for a moment to reflect. "Stop excluding black people," he replies. Williams, famous for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy ...

Through the lens of black health - Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette
This is one in a series of profiles showcasing some of Harvard's stellar graduates. Tania Fabo '18 started at Harvard University with clear scientific goals: pre-med with a focus on stem cell and cancer biology. Then, along the way, she discovered ...

World Goth Day: An anatomy of melancholy from Goya and Edgar Allan Poe to Bauhaus and Tim Burton - The Independent

The Independent
World Goth Day takes place on 22 May, an occasion for the pale and morbidly-inclined to emerge squinting into the sunlight to celebrate their individuality. Goths in black hoodies, band t-shirts, panda eye shadow and even Victorian funeral weeds and ...

AJ's Black Smoker

Sacramento - United States

A java-based simulation illustrating natural selection in action, with a dynamic environment affected by simulated biological activity. Requires Java 2 plug-in. Contextual help, explanatory material available.

Distribution of Archaea in a Black Smoker Chimney Structure
United States

Analysis of different communities in varied microhabitats of a deep-sea vent. Journal article from Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Vigna unguiculata (Cowpea, Black-eyed Beans, Black-eyed Peas)
South Africa

Provides information on the history of this food plant and its cultivation.

Black Grouse UK
United Kingdom

Information about the biology and conservation of Tetrao tetrix.

Black Rhinoceros
United States

History, biology, causes of endangerment, and conservation efforts. Includes a photo.

Black Bears
United States

Black bear information and a collection of links.

Black Fly
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the family of black flies, Simuliidae, that suck blood, their description, classification and ecology.

Black Widow Spiders
United States

Photographs and information on the natural history of Latrodectus mactans and Latrodectus variolus.

Black Necked Swan
United States

Research project on Cygnus melancoryphus by Laura Erdman at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

United States

Photo, physical appearance, distribution and population trends, ecology, threats, and conservation information.

Black Panther Animal
United States

Detailed information on this animal's classification, physical traits, behavior, life cycle and habitat.