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Local student with passion for marine biology visits UNC research institute - Henderson Daily Dispatch

Henderson Daily Dispatch
If you sit and talk with 10-year-old Carley Walthall, who goes to Dabney Elementary School, you'll find out she's quick to utter facts about life on this planet. This was the case when she spoke to Dispatch staff. There are a lot of sea turtles that ...

Monsoon season's slow start - The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet
The long-awaited rains finally fell over the Telluride region throughout the weekend, and people — as well as the forest's flora and fauna, presumably — celebrated Mother Nature's mercy. With “exceptional” drought conditions still plaguing San Miguel ...

Conserving biodiversity to safeguard our future - Pursuit

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say our lives depend on the maintenance of biodiversity and the conservation of healthy ecosystems on this planet. A large part of human history has been working against nature, taking from it rather than balancing ...

Alien Planet

United States

Discovery Channel program dramatizing what our first contact with alien life will be like and what types of forms this life will take.

Alien Caribbean Frogs in Hawaii
United States

Looks at the environmental and human community impacts of these small non-natives.

Penguin Planet
United States

The site offers penguin photos by Kevin Schafer, as well as prints for sale and penguin-related links and audio clips. The site is based around a 2000 book of the same name.

Bear Planet
United States

Provides information on bears and fact sheets on a number of species.

Evolving Planet
United States

The Field Museum's exhibit Evolving Planet takes visitors on an awe-inspiring journey through 4 billion years of life on Earth, from single-celled organisms to towering dinosaurs and our extended human family.

Planet Perplex

Categorized collection of optical illusions, ambiguous images, impossible objects, puzzles, and hidden images. Also includes related glossary and links. Site in English and Dutch.

My Bit of the Planet

Current diaries of the wildlife in David Jones' garden as well as an archive of the progress of a pair of blue tits nesting in the town of Aldershot, Hampshire, U.K.

Planet Meezer
United States

Siamese cat fun, chatter, and forums.

Kids' Planet
United States

Interactive wildlife and conservation site featuring games, quizzes, fact sheets, stories, teacher resources, and other cool stuff.

Planet Catfish
United States

Dedicated to all the beautiful, fascinating, diverse, unusual and intriguing tropical freshwater aquarium creatures.

The Living Planet Aquarium
United States

Salt Lake City. Exhibit information, events, and long-term vision.