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Sourlands Hiking Atlas Updates Online Hiking Maps - Town Topics

Town Topics
In addition to shaded relief maps, the atlas also features descriptions for each site, including history, geology, flora and fauna, and information on access and parking. His other work with the Conservancy includes open space analysis, tour maps, and ...

The Making of a Brain | HMS - Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School
The cerebral cortex—the brain's epicenter of high-level cognitive functions, such as memory formation, attention, thought, language and consciousness—has ...

Neuroscientist leads unprecedented research to map billions of brain cells - UChicago News

UChicago News
Reverse engineering the human brain is one of the great scientific challenges of our time, and scientists at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory are combining new techniques in microscopy, neurobiology and computing to reveal the ...

Allen Brain Atlas

Seattle - United States

Database of gene expression patterns in the mouse brain.

The Whole Brain Atlas
United States

MRI views of the normal and diseased human brain. Collaboration of MIT and Harvard University.

GENSAT Mouse Brain Atlas at Rockefeller University
United States

GENSAT is a collection of pictorial gene expression maps of the brain and spinal cord of EGFP BAC transgenic mice. These transgenic mice are available to the scientific community.

Atlas Moth: Atlas attacus

Fact sheet with description, breeding, distribution, role in the habitat, status in Singapore, threats, photos and links.

Allen's Hummingbird: Selasphorus sasin
United States

Photos plus facts about this bird's migration status, range, and identifying characteristics. Includes a range map.

Allen's Hummingbird: Selasphorus sasin
United States

Photographs of male and female, sound file, and description of this bird's territorial behavior and migration.

Allen's Gallinule: Porphyrio alleni
United Kingdom

Photograph and information on this bird and its distribution in Africa.

Jane and David Allen Manatee Exhibit
United States

Information about research being done by the Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida. Studies include tests for the animal's visual acuity, whisker sensitivity, and lung capacity.

As the Crow Flies: The Mysterious and Intelligent Corvids Pondered by Edgar Allen Poe
United States

Offers a brief overview of various cultures take on the Corvids.

United States

A primer on the brain for non-scientists including its architecture, geography, structure and functions.

ATLAS Biolabs

Offers molecular genomic analyses for use in biomedical research through Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina microarrays. Based in Berlin and Cologne, Germany.