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UGA researcher uses cellular biology to target lethal parasites - Online Athens

Online Athens
“In some areas, you have 50 to 60 percent of people who are infected with Chagas disease,” said Docampo, the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Cellular Biology. This obscenely high disease burden strains developing nations' resources by ...

Microsoft And Adaptive Biotechnologies Alliance Over Ambitious Immunology Project - Industry Global News (press release) (blog)

Industry Global News (press release) (blog)
Immune cells move around your body and experience all kinds of matter that they come into contact with, from their own cells to the cells of organisms that should absolutely not exist. If cells from the immune system find something that they should not ...

Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA)

Somerville - United States

Dedicated to curbing the problem of antibiotic resistance worldwide, and preserving antibiotic effectiveness and public health through the education of health care workers and the general public.

Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSC Alliance)
United States

Supports natural science collections, their human resources, the institutions that house them, and their research activities for the benefit of science and society.

Ape Alliance

International coalition of organisations and individuals, working for the conservation and welfare of apes.

Alliance for Animals
United States

Increases public awareness of animal abuse.

Ocean Alliance

Dedicated to the conservation of whales and their ocean environment through research and education.

Coast Alliance
United States

This is a conservation organization that educates the public and protects coastal habitats. Press releases, newsletters, and reports available on polluted runoff, coastal development and contaminated sediments.

The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance
United States

Non-profit organization that aims to conserve and enhance northern prairies and sustain native grasslands, wildlife, ranching culture and rural communities.

River Otter Alliance
United States

Promotes the conservation of the North American River Otter (Lutra canadensis).

Turtle Survival Alliance
United States

An international organization dedicated to sustainable captive management of freshwater turtles and tortoises.

International Phalaenopsis Alliance
United States

International organization of Phalaenopsis growers, scientists and aficionados. Offers membership information, classifieds, members only email list, and growing tips. Printable application form available.


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