Alphitobius diaperinus: Lesser Mealworm

Gainesville - United States

Provides photographs and information on this pest of stored products, its distribution, life cycle, biology, damage and importance.

Greater and Lesser Flamingos
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on these birds and their migratory routes in and around Africa. [PDF]

Lesser Electric Ray
United States

Several photographs of Narcine brasiliensis and information on its habitat, range and biology.


Overview of the species' population size and distribution, migration routes, and breeding behavior.

Lesser Scaup: Aythya affinis
United States

Introduction to this species, from Birds of North America Online, with a photograph and range map.

Lesser Nighthawk (Chordeiles acutipennis)
United States

Identification tips, migration status, breeding habitat, and taxonomy chart.

Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes)
United States

Data on this species' breeding, nest, eggs, diet, and foraging strategy.

Lesser Coucal (Centropus bengalensis)

Fact sheet on feeding, breeding and migration, with description, call, distribution, status in Singapore, threats, photos and references.

Lesser Goldfinch (Carduelis psaltria)
United States

Fact sheet describes this finch's breeding habitat, courtship displays, nest, eggs, and diet.

Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor)
United States

The Internet Bird Collection provides several short videos.

Lesser Flamingo: Phoeniconaias minor
United Kingdom

Information and photographs.