Amanita virosa/Amanita bisporigera

Raleigh - United States

Information and images from "Poisonous Plants of North Carolina".

Amanita bisporigera
United States

Photographs, description and distinguishing features.

Amanita Virosa
United States

Photographs and characteristics of the Destroying Angel.

United Kingdom

Several photographs of this poisonous species, the Destroying Angel, and an identification guide.

Amanita gioiosa

Color photograph, choice of viewing is too small or too big. Download and view.

United Kingdom

Several photographs of this edible species, the Blusher, and an identification guide.

United States

Brief notes and color illustration (Hawaiian material)

Amanita aprica
United States

Photographs and detailed description.

Amanita arocheae
United States

image and brief description

Amanita asteropus

Scroll down this page for brief description and illustrations, clicking these to enlarge. (French mat'l.)

Amanita austroviridis

Water color painting by Katie Syme.