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Importance of Allostery in Pharmacology -
Synthetic orthosteric ligands compete for occupancy of the binding site, and can have different pharmacological roles like inhibitor, agonist, antagonist, or inverse antagonist. However, drugs that act as orthosteric ligands can suffer from a lack of ...

Mitigation of biodiversity impact inadequate in scale and form - PlanningResource

Mitigation of biodiversity impact inadequate in scale and form. 16 July 2018. The balance of a housing development on a former school site in Dorset was dismissed due to an inadequate response to mitigating the impact on a special area of conservation.

Israeli stem cell startup raises $4 million for chemo effectiveness technology - The Times of Israel

The Times of Israel
Benvenisty is a professor of genetics at the Hebrew University, and the Director of the Azrieli Center for Stem Cells and Genetic Research. His research focuses on stem cell biology, tissue engineering, human genetics, and cancer research. Yissum ...
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Amargosa Desert Research Site

Herndon - United States

Over the years, the Amargosa Desert Research Site has provided long-term benchmark information about the hydraulic characteristics and soil-water movement for both natural conditions and simulated waste-site conditions in an arid environment.

Desert Research Institute
United States

Profiles the center's climate change and air quality research projects, posts a list of faculty members, and furnishes newsletters.

United States

Is dedicated to creating and furthering awareness and understanding of arid environments and developing the capacity, skills and knowledge to manage arid environments appropriately.

Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute (CDRI).
United States

An independent non-profit scientific and educational organization. Its purpose is to gather information on the Chihuahuan Desert Region and to make that information available to all who would like to know.


Learn about the desert, arid regions, destification and about sustainable development.

The Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research (BIDR)

The goal of BIDR is to carry out research on the desert environment, required for promoting sustainable uses of the Negev Desert and other drylands the world over.

United States

At the heart of Deep Canyon, is the Philip L. Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center, reserve that is part of the University of California Natural Reserve System.

Arctic Long Term Ecological Research Site
United States

Field research of the Arctic LTER is based at Toolik Lake, Alaska, in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range. Project is centered at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site
United States

Coordinates observations of territorial behavior, migration, life history, population studies, and number of broods per year of butterflies in the genus Vanessa.

Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site
United States

Detailed information about the biology of butterflies in the genus Vanessa in the United States.

United States

Eastern Colorado site for research in areas including floral and faunal dynamics and land-atmosphere interactions. Includes species list, publications database, project descriptions, current activities, and other information.