Ambrosia trifida

Fort Collins - United States

Great Ragweed.

Corallorhiza trifida

Photographs of the green or early coralroot, its flowers and stems.

Ambrosia Beetle
United States

Information from Wikipedia on these beetles which excavate tunnels in dead trees in which they cultivate the Ambrosia fungus, their sole source of nutrition.

Ambrosia Fungi
United States

Information from Wikipedia on various fungi from the order Ophiostomatales which have a symbiotic relationship with the ambrosia beetle.

Russian Federation

Illustration, systematic position, morphology, biology, distribution, ecology and economic significance of Common Ragweed.

Ambrosia artemisiifolia
United States

Annual Ragweed.

Russian Federation

Photograph, description, distribution, ecology and economic significance.

Platypus spp: Ambrosia Beetles
United States

Photographs and information on beetles in the genus Platypus, their biology, distribution and the damage they cause, with a key to the species occurring in Florida.

Xylosandrus crassiusculus: Asian Ambrosia Beetle
United States

Photographs and a description of this beetle, its distribution, biology, host plants, damage and management.