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"American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic" by Victoria Johnson - Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe New Mexican
The continent was, after all, abundant with undiscovered medicinal plants, and Hosack believed it would be possible for medical students to benefit from fieldwork experience with this New World botany. He named the 20-acre space on Fifth Avenue between ...

Lifelike anatomy - American Press

American Press
The academic performance of nursing and other students at Sowela Technical Community College has improved since the introduction of the Anatomage table, a digital cadaver, and high-fidelity mannequins, school officials said. The Anatomage table, one of ...

Dinosaurs in the Wild: An Inside View - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
Right now, you can travel back in time 67 million years and see live dinosaurs, pterosaurs and mosasaurs. All you have to do – it's easiest if you live in southern England, sorry everyone else – is travel to the Greenwich Peninsula, London, and visit ...

American Journal of Botany (AJB)

St. Louis, Missouri - United States

The American Journal of Botany (print ISSN 0002-9122, electronic ISSN 1537-2197) is an internationally recognized journal accepting refereed research papers on all aspects of plant biology, published monthly since 1914. The American Journal of Botany (AJB), the flagship journal of the Botanical Society of America (BSA), publishes peer-reviewed, innovative, significant research of interest to a wide audience of plant scientists in all areas of plant biology (structure, function, development, diversity, genetics, evolution, systematics), all levels of organization (molecular to ecosystem), and all plant groups and allied organisms (cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, and lichens).

American Journal of Botany.
United States

Consists of archived issues, current articles, and collected papers.

United States

Monthly journal of the Botanical Society of America covering all aspects of plant biology.

Journal of Experimental Botany
United States

The Journal of Experimental Botany publishes primary research papers in the plant sciences. These papers cover a range of disciplines from molecular and cellular physiology and biochemistry through whole plant physiology to community physiology.

Edinburgh Journal of Botany
United Kingdom

International journal of plant systematics and related aspects of biodiversity, conservation science, and phytogeography.

Journal of Experimental Botany
United States

Papers cover a range of disciplines from molecular and cellular physiology and biochemistry through whole plant physiology to community physiology.

Pakistan Journal of Botany
United States

Publishes in the areas of ecology and ecophysiology, forest biology and management, cell and molecular biology, paleobotany, mycology and pathology, and structure and development.

Australian Journal of Botany

An international journal for plant science encompassing all plant groups and covering many areas of environmental interest.

Thaisza, Journal of Botany

Journal publishes papers in all fields of botany. Editorial board, contents and abstracts, guide to authors.

South African Journal of Botany

Publishes papers which make an original contribution to any field of botany. Abstracts, instructions to authors, editors.

Phyton: International Journal of Experimental Botany

Publishes original articles, short and technical notes and review articles in all fields of botany, the biology of soils, and terrestrial and aquatic plants.