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Science Outside Strosacker: Biochemistry, Humanities, and the Real World - Charger Athletics

Charger Athletics
By the time she made it to college, however, Naomi found herself in an entirely different discipline: biochemistry. “My senior year of high school, I was in a biotechnology class. I really liked it,” Naomi said. “My ambition got the better of me, and I ...

The Events of TetZooCon 2015 - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
As I've said before, the hypothesis promoted throughout this talk – that sea monster research (and cryptozoological writings in general) has become more disparate with respect to professional zoology (see also Regal 2011) – is discussed further in work ...

A Quick History of Hippopotamuses - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
The two living hippos, both in captivity. Image at top by cloudzilla, CC BY 2.0. Image below by Darren Naish. Hippos are represented today by just two species: the large, strongly amphibious Hippopotamus amphibius and the smaller, more terrestrial ...

American Society For Bioethics And Humanities

Chicago, Illinois - United States

The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities promotes the exchange of ideas and fosters multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and inter-professional scholarship, research, teaching, policy development, professional development and collegiality among people engaged in clinical and academic bioethics and the medical humanities

American Journal of Bioethics
United States

Provides the clinical, legal, academic, scientific, religious and broad community-at-large with a rapid but comprehensive debate of issues in bioethics.

Canadian Bioethics Society
United States

The CBS shall be the leading bioethics collaborative forum in Canada working towards advancing the health and well-being of people in Canada and other countries. The Canadian Bioethics Society (CBS) is a collaborative national member-driven organization that is committed to building bioethics capacity through the promotion of: Interdisciplinary and inter-professional networks of individuals (including students) and organizations; Excellenc - Global Information Source on Bioethics
Canada is a public service provided through the collaboration of many individuals and organizations to improve the discussion of issues in bioethics.

National Humanities Center: Rachel Carson and the Awakening of Environmental Consciousness
United States

Biographer Linda Lear discusses Carson's role in the modern environmental movement.

American Cryonics Society
United States

The oldest Cryonics membership organization; founded in 1969 as the Bay Area Cryonics Society. In Mountain View CA. Offers background information, articles and theories.

American Society for Microbiology
United States

Conferences, journals, public policy and funding issues, topical reports, and links.

American Society of Neuroimaging
United States

Includes details of the Journal of Neuroimaging.

American Physiological Society
United States

News, membership and society information, and announcements for journals, conferences, and awards.

American Society of Mammalogists
United States

Promotes the study of mammals. Involved in providing resources management, conservation and education.

American Society of Primatologists
United States

Data on scientific primatology, research, conservation efforts, teaching aids and the society's book series.