Amphibian Malformations

Herndon - United States

Tracks developments in the malformation and decline of amphibian populations in North America.

North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations
United States

Data and information on the issue of malformed amphibians, with an emphasis on North American occurrences.

Genetics of Mental Retardation and Cortical Malformations

Research group located in Marseille, France. Studying mental retardation and cortical malformations.

The Unwanted Amphibian
United States

The Frog Decline Reversal Project describes the effects of this introduced species on the numbers and habitat of native frogs. Includes recommendations for humane disposal.

Amphibian Ark
United States

An international partnership to ensure the global survival of amphibians, especially those that cannot be safeguarded in nature. Includes background information, campaign resources, activities, petition, news, and contacts.

United States

Collaborative partnership of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the IUCN implementing the ex situ component of the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan.

Amphibian Information Centre
United Kingdom

Marc Staniszewski provides details of the biology, reproduction and captive care of frogs, toads, salamanders and newts.

United States

The Atlanta Zoo has initiated a program to save critically endangered amphibians from around the world.

Amphibian Declines in Australia

Research into the nature and causes including bibliography of published and unpublished material.

Amphibian Embryology Tutorial
United States

Graphical supplement for teaching and learning about amphibian development from the University of Wisconsin.

Amphibian Research Centre
United States

Dedicated to the research and conservation of Australia's unique frogs. Provides information on how to get involved in conservation, research, and education projects concerning frogs.