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Circadian clocks under the microscope - Science Daily

Science Daily
And which molecular processes control this behaviour and in which anatomical structures do they take place? Chronobiology is the discipline that examines these and other questions about the circadian clocks of all living organisms from protozoans to ...

The Physiological Basis of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology - MilTech

The diversity of species in which drugs are used for clinical purposes and the emphasis on various classes of drugs make veterinary pharmacology a complex subject. Anatomical and physiological features influence the pharmacokinetic behaviour of a drug ...

This Book Is All About Death, Murder, Mourning, and 'an Anatomical Christ' - Gizmodo

“On an average day, visitors might encounter Dr. Couney's Infant Incubators, where premature babies were kept alive by novel technology that had yet to be adopted by hospitals,” writes Joanna Ebenstein of the medical miracles once tucked away inside ...

The peculiar cranial anatomy of howler monkeys - Science Daily

Science Daily
According to the results of the study, at an anatomical level, the variations in the face and vault are not independent, but rather integrated together, following patterns influenced basically by the size of the cranium, the limited development of the ...

Tufts University School of Medicine unveils new anatomy lab, kicks off 125th anniversary - Tufts Now

Tufts Now
18, 2017)—Last week, Tufts University School of Medicine cut the ribbon on its new gross anatomy lab, introducing a modern, enlarged space for students to learn essential anatomical training. The lab's opening celebration was also the launch of the ...


American Association of Anatomists
United States

AAA publishes three peer-reviewed journals -The anatomical Record (AR), Developmental Dynamics (DD), and anatomical Sciences Education (ASE) - and a ...

TD Model and Scientific Company
United States

Indian manufacturer and exporter of a range of products including scientific instruments, biological models, anatomical models, anatomical charts and laboratory ...

United States

CORCORAN LABORATORIES, Inc. is a provider of real plastinated human specimens. We do not sell these plastinated specimens but provide ...

Nessler Exports (India)
United States

Manufacturer of anatomical models, laboratory instruments and equipment located in Ambala Cantt, India. Provides product support and contact information.

Human Anatomy Models Manufacturers

We are leading Human Anatomy Models Manufacturers & Exporters from India. Kotech Export provides Human Anatomy Models for Schools labs ...

Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
United Kingdom

The learned society within the U.K. and Republic of Ireland for those concerned with research and education in the anatomical ...

Bio Corporation
United States

Bio Corporation has all the highest quality preserved specimens, live specimens, dissection equipment, safety equipment, educational movies, educational software CDs, ...

Arnold's Glossary of Anatomy

Arnold's Glossary of Anatomy by Dr. M. A. (Toby) Arnold. Modifications & Additions by Deborah Bryce. This anatomical word search ...

Anatomical Models
United States

Here you will see realistic plastic human anatomical and Anatomy models of the; Brain,Eyes,Throat,Larynx,Ears,Neck, Spine, Skeleton,Thorax,Chest,Abdomen, Hand,Wrist,Elbow,Shoulder,Hip,Knee,Ankle,Foot,Leg,Arm,Heart,Lungs,Liver, Pancreas,Kidneys,Adrenals,Bladder,Reproductive organs,Male,Female,Muscles, Joints,Nerves,Spine,Skull and ...

HC BIOVISION - Plastination

Plastination and anatomical preparation, plastinated anatomy specimens, trial plastinates, scientific preparation, anatomy art, vhorst photographs, custom made specimens, projects and ...

Bio Corporation
United States

Bio Corporation has all the highest quality preserved specimens, live specimens, dissection equipment, safety equipment, educational movies, educational software CDs, ...


anatomical diagrams.

United States

anatomical illustration.

Bryophyte Structure
United States

Descriptions of the anatomical features of bryophytes.

Plastination of Anatomical Materials
United States

A description of the process and its advantages.

United States

Description and illustration of anatomical structure of species in Hawaii

United States

Annotated anatomical diagram of a monoplacophoran.


Illustrates both the skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Parascalops breweri
United States

An anatomical image of the upper molars, from Animal Diversity Web.

United States

Information from Wikipedia on the anatomical features that distinguish members of the order Pristiophoriformes.

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