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Speciation, or the evolution of new species from ancestral species, is a process made complicated by various factors, such as the changing climate, geographical, and topographical features. These factors can all lead to the splitting or isolation of ...

Humans Didn't Evolve From a Single Ancestral Population - Gizmodo

A new commentary paper published today in Trends in Ecology & Evolution is challenging the predominant view that our species, Homo sapiens, emerged from a single ancestral population and a single geographic region in Africa. By looking at some of the ...
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Using DNA testing to trace deep ancestral origins and population migrational patterns.

Handprint : Ancestral Lines
United States

Provides an'interactive' graph that maps the journey of our hominid ancestors from 5 million years ago to present day with ...


Tracing paternal and maternal ancestral roots using DNA.

Nuts and Bolts of Taxonomy and Classification
United States

Exercise illustrating the creativity involved in taxonomy and the roles form and function, ancestral traits, and derived characters play in ...

Sensory Systems in Amphioxus: A Window on the Ancestral Chordate Condition
United States

Abstract from a paper comparing the sensory systems of vertebrates with the less-developed systems of Amphioxus.

Hound Group
United States

Lists the AKC breed standards for dogs that share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting.

Human Evolution from Ape to Technological Man
United States

Traces origins from ape ancestors such as Australopithecus to modern man. Talks about Neanderthals and their relationship to the gorilla ... - Cladistics
United States

Cladistics or phylogenetic systematics , an approach to the classification of living things in which organisms are defined and grouped ...

Sea Squirts: our Distant Cousins
United States

Article by Wim van Egmond on the life cycle and development of these Ascidians with several photographs.

United States

Project by Jasmine Morrow on this species with photographs and information on its classification, description, habitat, natural history and evolution.

Deep Time
United States

PBS Evolution offers an interactive timeline to help readers better understand geologic time and evolutionary change.

Nature: Humans Did Come Out of Africa, Says DNA
United States

Evidence that we are all descended from a single ancestral group that lived in Africa.

Homo habilis and Homo erectus
United States

Article on the earliest creatures of the human genus, Homo habilis and Homo erectus, users of stone tools, with enlarged ...