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Horse Shoe native to study Amazon biodiversity in Peru -
Katie Farina, 20, has called the Blue Ridge Mountains home since she was 6 years old and grew up cherishing the wildlife around her. This month she's trading her backyard mountain views for the Peruvian Andes and studying the biodiversity of the Amazon.

Chimp evolution was shaped by sex with their bonobo relatives - New Scientist

New Scientist
By Colin Barras. Humans and chimpanzees might have one more thing in common: they both seem to have benefitted from sex with a closely related species. During the last decade, geneticists have reported that our species interbred with ancient humans ...

Neanderthal 'mini brains' created from ancient DNA could illuminate human brain biology - Genetic Literacy Project

Genetic Literacy Project
They could demonstrate for the first time if there were meaningful differences between human and Neanderthal brain biology. “Neanderthals are the closest relatives to everyday humans, so if we should define ourselves as a group or a species it is ...

Ancient Farmers of the Amazon

Arlington - United States

Watch the video segment from PBS's Evolution: "Evolutionary Arms Race," that illustrates the coevolution of the leafcutter ant and the fungi on which it feeds.

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    Evolution - Coevolution

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    Evolution: Library: Ancient Farmers of the Amazon

Bee Farmers Association of the UK
United Kingdom

Professional body for bee farmers in the United Kingdom.

Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants
United States

See photos from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History that expose the hidden life of ants and shows the world from the ant's point of view.

Amazon Reptiles
United States

Photographs of many species and articles on rainforest wildlife and ecology.

Amazon Conservation Team
United States

Works in partnership with indigenous people in conserving biodiversity, health, and culture in tropical America.

Ancient Biomolecules
United Kingdom

Publishes articles about the discovery of previously undetected molecules in ancient biological material, stability studies, characterization of decay products and pathways. Full articles available at a fee from Ingenta.

The Ancient Yew
United Kingdom

Information about yew trees, their history and culture.

United States

Various images related to amazonian plant ecology.

Amazon Kingfisher (Chloroceryle amazona)
United Kingdom

Images and a brief description of this bird.

Jaguar: Mysterious Cat of the Amazon
United States

Compares jaguars and leopards and provides information about the animal's shrinking habitat and relationship with man.

Virtual Explorers: Amazon River Dolphins
United States

Follow a group of teachers as they study two species of fresh water river dolphins in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in northern Peru.