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Professor, Students Identify Genes Implicated in a Complex Trait - Middlebury College News and Events

Middlebury College News and Events
Yuan, who is double majoring in computer science and molecular biology and biochemistry, played a key role in the computational phase of the project, said Parker. Using publically available databases developed by other researchers, he used search ...

Newcastle container terminal plan prompts interstate debate - Newcastle Herald

Newcastle Herald
... and Chinese owners, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the ALP all asking questions about the secret fee imposed on Newcastle by the Coalition government as a way of maximising its privatisation returns for Botany and Kembla.
Port Technology International
The Maritime Executive

Autopsy and toxicology reports should indicate how Jennifer White died - WAAY

Officials said they will not release any information on the case until toxicology results come back, which could take months. An independent search team lead by private investigator, Dawn Hendricks, found White in her Tahoe down a logging trail off of ...

And Gulliver Returns: In Search of Utopia

Burlington - United States

Free online books, a combination of science fiction and fact, looking at the problems of overpopulation and some possible solutions.

Utopia Palms and Cycads

Australian palm tree nursery, features hard to find photos of rare palms and cycads as well as plants and seeds by mail order.

Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch
United States

Takes in and cares for stray, abused, homeless, or aging animals.

United States

Report from the Public Broadcasting Corporation on the science of using DNA testing to track personal ancestry and ancient human migration patterns.

Dragon Search

Information about a national monitoring program on the Syngnathids or seadragons, long slender fish with bony plates surrounding their bodies.

In Search of Neanderthals
United States

An overview of issues surrounding the study of neanderthals, with links to scholarly essays and fiction covering the DNA debate, morphology, evolution, and sociology of neanderthals.

Search for the First Human
United States

Companion site to program on paleontologists hunting for remains of creatures that may reveal the origins of humankind. From PBS.

Dragon Search

Monitoring program which encourages members of the community to provide information about sightings of the unique southern Australian fish.

In Search of Nohands

How the cute orange kitten has become a minor Internet legend.

Multilingual Bird Search

Translates world bird names between several languages, including scientific names. Includes photo gallery.

Search for ET: Are Humans All Alone in the Universe?

Provides background on the search for life in the universe, information about all the planets in the solar system, and possibilities for life beyond.