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The Nurses Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book - Nursing Times

Nursing Times
It is an excellent resource for learning and as someone who struggled with learning about Anatomy and Physiology I regret not having one! There is useful supplementary information on each page and the focus on Person Centred Practice was a welcomed ...

Pokemon Quest Best Pokemon: stats, evolution levels and strategies for the best team - VG247

We've got a separate page on how to recruit them, and Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are all worth it, with decent stats and even better stats for their later evolutions. They all share the same evolve levels – level 16 for their second form and ...

Anatomy of an app: An introduction to activity lifecycles - Android Authority (blog)

Android Authority (blog)
When you first boot up a new Android Studio project, you're greeted not with a blank page, but a whole bunch of what is known as “boilerplate” code. This is code needed for the vast majority of apps and to get that “Hello World” example up and running.

Anders Sandberg's Cryonics Page

Helsingborg - Sweden

An extensive list of links to cryonics articles and to European sites related to cryonics.

Memetics Information  - Anders Sandberg

Memetics Information, theory, examples, debate and concepts by Anders Sandberg.

European Cryonics Page
United States

Information for Europeans interested in cryonics. Includes an extensive list of links to other European cryonics sites and a mailing list/forum for Europeans interested in cryonics, plus a large list of articles and discussions. The site and mailing list are in English. Part of the larger Transtopia site.

Cryonics Institute: Cryonics Suspension Services
United States

Cryonic suspension services and information. Much of the text is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese by clicking on the appropriate button. This organization was founded by Robert Ettinger, the "father" of cryonics.

United States

Research on low power laser irradiation, spinal cord injury research and diabetes. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics.

Anders Transhuman Pages: Memetics

Collection of links and essays about memes: ideas and concepts viewed as living organisms. Includes sections on memetic theory, examples and applications, controversial issues, a lexicon and a brief bibliography.

United States

A slim, but interesting perspective piece on cryonics by Mark Prado, an American living in Thailand.

Cryonics UK

Site for information and discussion of cryonics in the United Kingdom. The group appears to be associated with Cryonics Institute.

United States

Ralph Merkle's cryonics introduction. Short but requires some knowledge of cryonics already.

Cryonics: The Issues
United States

An introduction by Canadian Ben Best, 8 printed pages.

United States

The why of cryonics, as understood by the Cryonics Institute.