Biology News
Research unlocks molecular key to animal evolution and disease ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
The dawn of the Animal Kingdom began with a collagen scaffold that enabled the organization of cells into tissues, scientists report in a new article.

Pigeon study takes on sexism in science - University of California

University of California
Rebecca Calisi, assistant professor in the Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, is working with pigeons (also known as rock doves) to study physiological differences between males and females. Her work is addressing pervasive sex bias ...

Giardiasis may be a disease of the ecology of the GI tract - EurekAlert! - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Colonization by the human and animal parasite, Giardia, changed the species composition of the mouse microbiome in a way that might be harmful.

High school students learn about Kinesiology, Integrative Physiology at Michigan Tech -
It's a national, and even international day, to celebrate the scientific studies of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology. That's where physics is applied to understand human and animal movement. The students, who are taking physics classes now, took ...

Coroner: Powerful animal tranquilizer showing up in local toxicology ... - The State Journal-Register

The State Journal-Register
A powerful opioid used as a tranquilizer for elephants and other large animals has shown up in the toxicology reports for two recent overdose victims in ...
FOX Illinois

Love of llamas becomes way of life for South Texas family - Waco Tribune-Herald

Waco Tribune-Herald
General News · Pets · Lifestyle · Livestock Farming · Agriculture · Business · Exotic Pets · Animals · Shoes · Fashion Accessories · Fashion · Beauty And Fashion · Zoology · Llama · Shirley Hillyer · Animal · Robert Hillyer ...

More than 100 rabbits saved by North Carolina organization - Winston-Salem Journal

Winston-Salem Journal
Tags. North Carolina · Rabbits · Rescued · Organization · Animal · Zoology · Veterinary Science · Rabbit · Property Owner · Welfare · Denise Bitz · Wolf. Popular This Week. Police: 18-year-old killed playing 'Russian roulette' · Cyclist found lying ...

Animal Weather Behavior

Spectrum Technologies
United States

Technology for measuring and monitoring environmental conditions such as wind, rain, pH, nutrients, and temperature.

Animal Behavior Society
United States

Includes Applied animal behavior Certification information and selected animal behavior web resources.

Encyclopedia of Psychology - Animal Behavior
United States

Annotated links to resources on animal behavior and instincts.

Movie Archives of Animal Behavior

An online animal behavior video database available in various formats. Most clips filmed in Japan.

Personal Petcast - Weather Channel
United States

Offers the Personal Petcast, a automated guide for caring for your pet in all kinds of weather conditions. weather Channel ...

Bucknell University
United States
Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
United States

Information from Indiana University's program on animal behavior.

Animal Behavior and Ethology
United States

Links about animal mating, feeding, and social behavior.

Animal Behavior College
United States

animal behavior College Offers Dog Training Schools & Courses Around The US & Helps You Find animal Jobs & Careers ...

Universal Parasitism and the Co-evolution of Extended Phenotypes
United States

Article by Richard Dawkins argues that we should ask ?C?Which animal is benefiting from this behavior??C? rather than asking ?C?In ...

International Society for Neuroethology
United States

ISN offers a platform for information and discussion in neuroethology, the field that describes the world of animal behavior in ...

Animal Behavior Society (ABS)
United States

Nonprofit scientific society, founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior.

Wildlife Africa: Animal Behavior: Mammals
South Africa

Notes on the habitat, habits, diet and breeding behavior of some of the larger African mammals.

Animal behavior and sociobiology courses
United States

Research and teaching in animal and human behavior by Dr. Paul J. Watson, University of New Mexico and Flathead Lake ...

National Geographic Animal Videos
United States

Provides videos of lions, sharks, squid and many other animals. Requires Flash Player.

BehavioRx Pet Behavior Resources
United States

Articles, tips on selecting a behavior consultant, monthly case studies, and more.

Animal Behavior/Sensory Biology
United States

Article from Wikibooks explaining that, by learning how the senses gather information, a better understanding of behavior is gained.

NOVA: Animal Hospital
United States

Many a pet's life ends simply because inappropriate behavior leads the owner to "put the animal to sleep." Learn about ...

Baboon Communication
United States

Article by Beth Bazar examining how baboons have voice and communication skills but not the "theory of mind" to understand ...

Behavior Genetics Association
United States

Promote scientific study of the interrelationship of genetic mechanisms and behavior, both human and animal. Features links to journal, meetings, ...

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