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Animal-Free Test Methods Get a Boost at International Toxicology Conference - PETA (blog)

PETA (blog)
How can nanomaterials—tiny particles that are increasingly used in products ranging from paint to tennis rackets—be tested without forcing animals to inhale them? How can toxicologists switch from animal tests to superior computer- and human cell ...

Pet talk: Snakes as pets - Bryan-College Station Eagle

Bryan-College Station Eagle
Clay Carabajal holds Florida kingsnake Monday afternoon while a group of children pet the snake at the Clara B. Mounce Public Library in Bryan. Carabajal is an animal ambassador with SeaWorld in San Antonio. He was joined on Monday by another animal ...

The Zoologist Barista - NPR

SIMON: Those shows hosted by Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin made him realize he wanted to study zoology and someday host an Animal Planet-style show of his own. BELL: And the reason I want to do that is because you don't really see a lot of people of ...

Coyote attacks 9-year-old in Davie County - Mooresville Tribune

Mooresville Tribune
A 9-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote Thursday evening outside her home in Advance, according to Davie County Animal Control. The coyote followed the child to her home in the 900 block of Markland Road in Advance and attacked her around 6:35 p.m ...

Platypus Milk: Antibiotic Resistance Weapon May Lie in Animal's 'Weird Biochemistry' - Newsweek

The World Health Organisation calls antibiotic resistance one of the “biggest threats” to global health today. As antibiotics become less effective against infections, mortality rates and medical costs are rising. The latest contender in the fight ...
Science Daily
BBC News
Live Science
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Climate change risk for half of plant and animal species in biodiversity hotspots - Science Daily

Science Daily
The models used in this research come from the Wallace Initiative, a near decade long partnership between the Tyndall Centre at UEA, eResearch at James Cook University, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and WWF. Dr Jeff Price, coordinator of ...
Laboratory Equipment
Deutsche Welle
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School turtle 'that was fed a live puppy by a US biology teacher' is euthanised - South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post
An Idaho junior school has become the nexus of a bizarre and horrifying animal rights storm after a biology teacher reportedly fed a live puppy to the school turtle – which has now been euthanised. Preston Junior High School biology teacher Robert ...
CBS News
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Animal Weather Behavior

Spectrum Technologies
United States

Technology for measuring and monitoring environmental conditions such as wind, rain, pH, nutrients, and temperature.

Animal Behavior Society
United States

Includes Applied animal behavior Certification information and selected animal behavior web resources.

Encyclopedia of Psychology - Animal Behavior
United States

Annotated links to resources on animal behavior and instincts.

Movie Archives of Animal Behavior

An online animal behavior video database available in various formats. Most clips filmed in Japan.

Personal Petcast - Weather Channel
United States

Offers the Personal Petcast, a automated guide for caring for your pet in all kinds of weather conditions. weather Channel ...

Bucknell University
United States
Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
United States

Information from Indiana University's program on animal behavior.

Animal Behavior and Ethology
United States

Links about animal mating, feeding, and social behavior.

Animal Behavior College
United States

animal behavior College Offers Dog Training Schools & Courses Around The US & Helps You Find animal Jobs & Careers ...

Universal Parasitism and the Co-evolution of Extended Phenotypes
United States

Article by Richard Dawkins argues that we should ask ?C?Which animal is benefiting from this behavior??C? rather than asking ?C?In ...

International Society for Neuroethology
United States

ISN offers a platform for information and discussion in neuroethology, the field that describes the world of animal behavior in ...

Animal Behavior Society (ABS)
United States

Nonprofit scientific society, founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior.

Wildlife Africa: Animal Behavior: Mammals
South Africa

Notes on the habitat, habits, diet and breeding behavior of some of the larger African mammals.

Animal behavior and sociobiology courses
United States

Research and teaching in animal and human behavior by Dr. Paul J. Watson, University of New Mexico and Flathead Lake ...

National Geographic Animal Videos
United States

Provides videos of lions, sharks, squid and many other animals. Requires Flash Player.

BehavioRx Pet Behavior Resources
United States

Articles, tips on selecting a behavior consultant, monthly case studies, and more.

Animal Behavior/Sensory Biology
United States

Article from Wikibooks explaining that, by learning how the senses gather information, a better understanding of behavior is gained.

NOVA: Animal Hospital
United States

Many a pet's life ends simply because inappropriate behavior leads the owner to "put the animal to sleep." Learn about ...

Baboon Communication
United States

Article by Beth Bazar examining how baboons have voice and communication skills but not the "theory of mind" to understand ...

Behavior Genetics Association
United States

Promote scientific study of the interrelationship of genetic mechanisms and behavior, both human and animal. Features links to journal, meetings, ...

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