Animalia, Inc.

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The mission of ANIMALIA is to engage and educate the public to further the appreciation, conservation and responsible care for all animals, exotic and domestic. We promote learning and appreciation through outreach programming by bringing a variety of animals to the public through educational presentations. Education materials are also provided as printed and internet resources. We encourage owners and care-takers to be responsible stewards of the animals in their care. We promote the provision of the healthiest lifestyle available through the basic understanding of animal behavior, providing enrichment for both mental and physical stimulation and through effective animal care techniques. We support wildlife conservation efforts of threatened and endangered species by raising awareness through education and promoting the recovery efforts of these species. Through education and conservation efforts, we aspire to encourage all people to be conscientious supporters for the protection of species and their habitats.

United States

A Place for You and Your Pet Offering Unique Products and Services for your Dog and Cat. Our goal at Animalia is to provide you with exceptional products and service for you and your pet. We maintain an extensive inventory with over 8,000 items to choose from for your dog or cat. We specialize in premium and raw foods however none of the foods that we have chosen for our store contain corn, wheat or soy. We carry a large variety of quality treats


Illustration of Branchiostoma.


Diagram of a representative body plan of a gnathostomulid.

The Phyla of Kingdom Animalia
United Kingdom

An outline of animal taxonomy, with links to descriptions of phyla and major classes and orders.

Animalia Pet Expo
United States

Animalia Pet Expo is a two day public event scheduled for August 27 & 28th at the Miami Beach Convention Center, benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Animalia has been created for 'pets & people of South Florida' and will feature booths, including; educational and interactive seminars, demonstrations, contests, giveaways, adopt-a-pet, advocacy groups, hobbyist, kennels & clubs, ID & location systems, publications, natural products, a