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Chameleon Bones Glow in the Dark, Even Through Skin - National Geographic

National Geographic
"We could hardly believe our eyes when we illuminated the chameleons in our collection with a UV lamp," lead author David Prötzel, a doctoral student at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, says in a statement. "And almost all species showed blue ...

Zoology: Luminescent lizards - Science Daily

Science Daily
"So we could hardly believe our eyes when we illuminated the chameleons in our collection with a UV lamp, and almost all species showed blue, previously invisible patterns on the head, some even over the whole body," says David Prötzel, lead author of ...

We Just Discovered Chameleons Have Fluorescent Bones That Glow in the Dark - Outer Places

Outer Places
While most maintain that the late Jim Morrison of The Doors earned his psychedelic honorific, "The Lizard King," a new reptile might pose a significant challenge to Morrison's crown. Researchers at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology in Munich ...
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ANSP Malacology Collection

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - United States

Malacology Collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. This database contains records related to 460,000 lots maintained in the malacology department. These records are derived from

1.detailed computer records for material entering the collection since 1976, and
2records digitized from the handwritten catalogues, which were started in 1890.

Records derived from the handwritten catalogues often lack identifications, or have identifications that are out of date, so we are currently inventorying the collection to capture the current identification of each lot. Since January 2011, more than 260,000 lots have been inventoried.


Malacology is the branch of invertebrate zoology which deals with the study of the Mollusca (mollusks or molluscs), the second-largest phylum of animals in terms of described species after the arthropods. Mollusks include snails and slugs, clams, octopus and squid, and numerous other kinds, many (but by no means all) of which have shells. At Malacology-Asia, we are devoted to bring you specimens that cater to beginners right up to the specialist

Malacology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the study of mollusks, with a list of societies and journals.

Plasmid collection

Catalog of new plasmids available, with links to research bibliography at Department of Molecular Biology, University of Ghent, Belgium.

Entomology Collection

Searchable database from the at the University of Alberta, Canada, that includes images of many specimens.

Warblers Collection
United States

Collection of about 4000 audio files (in RealPlayer format) of North American wood-warblers.

Tillandsia Collection

Andreas Boker shows her collection, with images of many species. English and German.

Marine Collection
United States

Small photograph gallery of microscopic algae, phytoplankton and diatoms.

Bird Skull Collection
United Kingdom

Images and data about skulls of western Palearctic and Tropical species, with complete skeletons of some species.

John's Sphingidae Collection
United States

Photographs of a personal collection from the Netherlands.

The Internet Bird Collection
United States

Video library of footage of the world's birds, sponsored by the Handbook of the Birds of the World.