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What My Mother's Wife Taught Me About Life, and Love -
Oprah said it best: “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” I usually say some version of this when I try to explain to people how it was my stepmother, Allison, who was actually the most important and influential person in my life. To ...

John Skyler vs. Corey Hollis: Anatomy of an old-school feud - Charleston Post Courier

Charleston Post Courier
Pro wrestling fans watch programs unfold each week on television. Not a “program” in the traditional sense of the word, but the wrestling lexicon version defined by a series of matches in which the same wrestlers face each other, usually resulting in a ...

Arizona could roll back teaching of evolution in classroom - KPNX KPNX
School Superintendent Diane Douglas is apparently behind a rewrite of science standards for all Arizona school children that would delete references to evolution. Audio obtained by 12 News shows Douglas believes a version of creationism, called ...

Apoptosis Glossary Version 1.3

Frederick - United States

Provides researchers, new to the study of apoptosis, with the most up-to-date information on the many molecules involved in apoptotic pathways.

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    Cell Biology - Apoptosis

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    Invitrogen's BioSource division is your source for cellular pathway exploration tools, including ELISAs, LuminexT assays, kinase activity assays, protein arrays, antibodies and recombinant proteins. Our products help researchers improve their understanding of the role of both extracellular proteins and intracellular proteins and their function in the disease process.


    Biosource - Biosource International - Alamar - Blue - Alamar Blue Biosource

MGuide Version 2.0
United States

Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions to build a microrray. Includes protocols, downloadable documented software and discussion forum at the Brown Lab, Stanford University, CA.

How to Clone a Human (Version 1.1)
United States

Offers a very brief and generalized overview of the procedure.

World Spider Catalog, Version 5.0
United States

By Norman I. Platnick. Offers an extensive bibliography of scientific papers from the 1750s to the present day.

United States

Aims to stimulate both research on the basis of mechanisms of apoptosis and on its role in various human disease processes.

Apoptosis World
United States

Resources for researchers, with information and links to manufacturers' assay kits, protocols, literature reviews, and site-submission.

Dysregulation of Apoptosis
United States

Apoptosis (programmed cell death) is a key process in cancer development and progression. The ability of cancer cells to avoid apoptosis and continue to proliferate is one of the fundamental hallmarks of cancer and is a major target of cancer therapy development. Developing novel molecules that promote apoptosis by targeting both the intrinsic and extrinsic apoptotic pathways advances our understanding of the mechanisms behind tumor cell prolifer

Apoptosis in Renal Diseases
United States

Paper reviewing the current knowledge on the regulation of apoptosis with particular emphasis on renal cell death and apoptosis role in triggering renal disease.

United Kingdom

Describes and illustrates the roles of caspases and the bcl-2 family, and discusses the potential therapeutic benefits of suppression/induction of apoptosis. Includes cv, research interests and contacts for author at University of Leeds, England.

Kimball's Biology Pages: Apoptosis
United States

Outlines the mechanisms of cell suicide.

Neuromuscular Disease Center: Apoptosis
United States

Offers profiles of disease related proteins.