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Counting the cost to our ecology - The Nation

The Nation
As criminal legal proceedings against Premchai are advancing, questions over the ecological damage done by the party have been raised by the prosecutors, prompting concerned officials to team up to work out a value in monetary terms. On March 26, the ...

St. Jude Researchers Advancing Understanding of Molecular Basis of Rare Pediatric Cancer - GenomeWeb

"For some reason that we don't know yet, the adrenal glands really care about this TP53 mutation," said Emilia Pinto, whose lab at St. Jude investigates the molecular biology of pediatric ACT and maintains the International Pediatric Adrenocortical ...

Two Environmental Health Science Students at Baylor University Win Toxicology Awards - Baylor University

Baylor University
The SOT mission is to create a safer and healthier world by advancing the science and increasing the impact of toxicology. Baylor faculty and students routinely present their research at the SOT annual meetings. In addition to Brooks, other Baylor ...

APOTEX: Advancing Generics

Toronto, Ontario - Canada

APOTEX is an independent, dynamic, Canadian pharmaceutical company committed to R&D, manufacturing and distributing a broad range of high-quality, affordable medicines to patients, healthcare providers, payers and governments worldwide. We will always meet global regulatory, quality and compliance requirements. We value and respect our employees, our business partners, our suppliers, our customers and the communities we serve while operating with accountability and integrity in everything we do.

United States

Provides information on breast cancer research at Baylor Health, gastrointestinal cancer research and gene therapy research.