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Biocon, Sandoz partner for immunology and cancer biosimilars' development - Business Standard

Business Standard
Biocon has signed with Sandoz, the generics arm of the $48.52-billion Swiss Pharma giant Novartis to jointly invest and co-develop, manufacture and market, a new range of biosimilars in immunology and cancer for the global market. Both firms will have ...
The Center for Biosimilars
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Mitchell joins biology research program - Statesville Record & Landmark

Statesville Record & Landmark
Mitchell Community College was recently selected to take part in Cohort 11 of the Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science program, an initiative administered by the University of Pittsburgh and the Howard ...

Anatomy and physiology of ageing 11: the skin - Nursing Times

Nursing Times
With advancing age, these functions are increasingly impaired. Changes occur in the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis leading to thin, dry and sagging skin, while loss of structure and integrity diminishes the skin's ability to protect the body and ...

APOTEX: Advancing Generics

Toronto, Ontario - Canada

APOTEX is an independent, dynamic, Canadian pharmaceutical company committed to R&D, manufacturing and distributing a broad range of high-quality, affordable medicines to patients, healthcare providers, payers and governments worldwide. We will always meet global regulatory, quality and compliance requirements. We value and respect our employees, our business partners, our suppliers, our customers and the communities we serve while operating with accountability and integrity in everything we do.

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