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With First IND, Recursion Readies Its AI, Experimental Biology Approach For The Clinic - Scrip

Emerging Company Profile: With an early focus on rare, monogenic diseases, Recursion believes its platform combining artificial intelligence and experimental biology can be applied to any disease that can be modeled on a cellular level. Already ...

The new era of postbiotics: Gut microbiome-derived lipid metabolites for health and wellness - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
... in the Research Division of Microbial Sciences. Dr. Ogawa's research covers applied microbiology, microbial biochemistry, microbial physiology, fermentation physiology, enzyme engineering, environmental microbiology, and microbial molecular biology.

Therapeutic antibodies vary depending on production system - Phys.Org

Strasser, a member of the Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology, commented: "Even we were surprised by how big the differences were. There were sharp contrasts between the two systems in terms of the structure of the carbohydrates used for ...

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC)

Florida, Texas - United States

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC) is a fast growing biotechnology company providing animal and cell line models as tools for drug discovery and diagnostics. Using our proprietary TARGATT gene modification technology, we make site-specific Knockin mouse, rat and human cell line models fast and efficient for pharmaceutical and academic community.

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    Biotechnology - Stem Cells

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    Knock-out Rat, Cell Line Models, MEF Feeder Cells, Transgenic Knock-in Mice, Teratoma Formation, Human Primary Cells
    Applied StemCell are stem cell experts providing products and services including MEF Feeder Cells, Transgenic Knock-in Mice, ROSA26, Teratoma Formation, Human Primary Cells, Stem Cell Characterization, Stem Cell Differentiation and Stem Cell Generation.


    Stemcell - Transgenic - Gene Engineering - Human Cell

Stemcell Technologies
United States

Develops and sells kitsand reagents for selection, media for enrichment, as well as offering contract assays, proficiency testing and training. Includes international laboratories, headquartered from Vancouver, Canada.

Applied Microarrays, Inc.
United States

Sells microarray systems for genetic analysis, in Tempe, AZ, USA.

Applied Maths

Develops professional bioinformatics applications and services with emphasis on data integration, platform technology and networking.

Applied Biophysics Inc
United States

Applied BioPhysics, Inc. applies the results of biophysical research to provide practical tools for cell research and drug discovery. Applied BioPhysics has over 25 years of experience with impedance-based cell assays put into one instrument line. Our ECIS (Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing) instruments and consumable 8-well and 96-well arrays are used in biological research and drug discovery. ECIS offers the ability to measure both simp

Applied Bioscience
United States

Indian distributor of molecular diagnostics kits and a wide range of lifescience research products.

Applied Biosystems
United States

Manufacturer and supplier of instrument reagent systems for molecular biology research and genetic analysis. Protein and DNA sequencing and synthesis. DNA Amplification and real time PCR.

Applied Photophysics
United Kingdom

Manufacturer of high performance stopped-flow, laser flash photolysis and circular dichroism instrumentation.

Applied Bioinformatics
United States

Applied Bioinformatics Inc. is an outstanding company globally providing consultant services in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics to government agencies, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories .This includes consultations for design, compliance, and qualification, and automation solutions to the Biopharmaceutical industries. We are a well qualified group of individuals with expertise in Bioinformaticians, and biost

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology
Russian Federation

Journal for original papers on research in the fields that have or may have practical applications. Includes contents with abstracts, author guide, details of editorial board, subscription, ordering contacts for Springer.

Applied Biosystems: Proteomics
United States

Offers a portfolio for proteomics research, with technologies in separation science, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics.