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Lost And Found In A Museum's Archive - Science Friday

Science Friday
In 2008 Sally Snow (formerly Sally Hall) was partway through a five-week research visit to the Department of Invertebrate Zoology, at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, when she found a large fluid-filled jar. Inside were ...

Archive For Bryology

Berlin - Germany

Archive for Bryology is a paperless journal which is published in the internet. It was founded in 1994 as a journal in disk and as an initiative of the International Association of Bryologists, but at first not realized due the fast and always changing developments of computer techniques. Therefore it has later been changed into an internet journal, which provides any bryological contributions as pdf-files.


Information on current research on the bryophyte flora of continental southern Italy and Albania.

Tropical Bryology Research
United Kingdom

Formed in October 1997 by Brian O'Shea and Martin Wigginton to further bryological research in the tropics (particularly in Africa), to act for an ad hoc association of bryologists with expertise in this area.


Information about bryology, lichenology, research and biomonitoring. Available in English and German.

United States

Did you know that the bryophyte herbarium at the Missouri Botanical Garden contains over 500,000 mounted specimens? Learn more about Bryology at MBG. MOST is the searchable nomenclatural moss database, MOSs TROPICOS, at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Information retrieved includes date and place of publication, synonyms and their references, group and family placement, etc.

United States

A resource for bryological floras and checklists, as well as a glossary of bryological terms and a search engine for current information on bryophyte names.

Patuxent Software Archive
United States

Site contains software for ecological management, including tagging game and ecosystem analysis.

Mikko's Phylogeny Archive

A compilation of various phylogenetic trees representing different views of taxonomy. Includes links to other taxonomic websites.

Ciliate Resource Archive, The

Comprehensive tool for students, educators, and researchers of ciliates (Phylum Ciliophora).

Animal Pictures Archive
Korea South

Submit your photos or just browse the Animal Pictures Archive, offering a gallery of animal-related photos, sounds, and movies searchable by animal common names or scientific names.


Belgian mailinglist for mycology. Share your questions and answers; outdoor-activities; determinations about fungi with others who are also interested in Mycology. Or search the archive for some information.