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ANWR's flora, fauna deserve protection - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
FAIRBANKS — The announcement by President Obama and the Fish and Wildlife Service regarding completion of a revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Wilderness Review for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge created quite a stir in the Alaska ...

Toxicology Reports Back for Broome County Inmate Who Died in Cell - TWC News

TWC News
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Officials have released new information in the death of a Broome County inmate. Toxicology reports are back for Salludin Barton, 35, who was found dead in his cell in January. He had been in jail since 2013 for a violation of parole ...

George Will advises Scott Walker on evolution: When asked if you believe, 'you ... - Raw Story

Raw Story
Scott Walker should always answer “yes” when they are asked if they believe in evolution. During a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, guest host John Roberts pointed out that Scott Walker had recently been questioned about former Mayor Rudy ...
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Physics Today

Arctic Fox: Alopex lagopus

La Crosse - United States

Research project by Alex Olson on this species including its classification, habitat, reproduction, adaptations to its cold environment, nutrition and interactions with other species.


Discusses the habits, diet, population cycles, and more. From Environment Canada.


Range, physical adaptations, breeding, and diet of Alopex lagopus. Includes a photo.


Conservation project for the arctic fox in Scandinavia.

Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus)
United Kingdom

Identifying characteristics, habitat, nesting, and range of this hawk.

United States

Description, photos, identification tips, habitat, behavior, conservation status, and other information about this circumboreal hawk.

United States

Professor of Biology at Lander University in South Carolina. Includes 100 descriptions of species used in invertebrate zoology teaching.

Fox Forest
United States

Pictures, sounds, movies, stories, and other fox-related stuff.

The Fox Website
United Kingdom

Information on all aspects of red fox ecology, research, management and human conflict.

Swift Fox

Information about the endangerd Vulpes velox from the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Fox Forest
United States

Educational site dedicated to the often misunderstood Red Fox. Includes photos, sounds, tales, and more.