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Biogeochemical links across Greenland key to understanding Arctic - Phys.Org

The Kangerlussuaq region of southwest Greenland is a 3,728-square-mile corridor stretching from the ice sheet to the Labrador Sea. In this area near the top of the world, landscape and ecosystem diversity abounds. Flora and fauna range from microbes in ...

NeuroDevils provides an environment for like-minded students - The State Press

The State Press
‚ÄúThere are not any other clubs on campus that focus on just the brain," said Dylan Fox, a member of NeuroDevils who is studying biology with a concentration in neurobiology and psychology. "The brain is unlike any other organ and cannot be grouped with ...

Fate of Royals' Yordano Ventura's $20 Million Contract Rests on Toxicology Report -
The money left on the contract of late Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura might be decided on the findings of a toxicology report. Fox Sports reported that Ventura's deal would be fully guaranteed if his death is ruled an accident. The $20 ...
New York Daily News
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Arctic Fox: Alopex lagopus

La Crosse - United States

Research project by Alex Olson on this species including its classification, habitat, reproduction, adaptations to its cold environment, nutrition and interactions with other species.


Discusses the habits, diet, population cycles, and more. From Environment Canada.


Range, physical adaptations, breeding, and diet of Alopex lagopus. Includes a photo.


Conservation project for the arctic fox in Scandinavia.

Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus)
United Kingdom

Identifying characteristics, habitat, nesting, and range of this hawk.

United States

Description, photos, identification tips, habitat, behavior, conservation status, and other information about this circumboreal hawk.

United States

Professor of Biology at Lander University in South Carolina. Includes 100 descriptions of species used in invertebrate zoology teaching.

Fox Forest
United States

Pictures, sounds, movies, stories, and other fox-related stuff.

The Fox Website
United Kingdom

Information on all aspects of red fox ecology, research, management and human conflict.

Swift Fox

Information about the endangerd Vulpes velox from the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Fox Forest
United States

Educational site dedicated to the often misunderstood Red Fox. Includes photos, sounds, tales, and more.