Arcyria nutans

Lansing - United States

Photograph of this slime mould.

Arcyria denudata
United States

Photograph of this Myxomycete.

Arcyria incarnata
United States

Photograph of this species.

Billbergia nutans
United States

General information and classification.

Scilla nutans
United States

Contains short description and medicinal uses.

Melica nutans
United Kingdom

Photograph of a flower spike of Mountain Mellick and a description of the plant.

Russian Federation

Photograph, systematic position, morphology, biology, distribution, ecology and economic significance of the Nodding Plumeless Thistle or Musk Thistle.


Photographs, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of Nottingham catchfly.

Garcia nutans
United States

Offers general information, classification and historical data.

Clerodendrum nutans
United States

Taxonomic information and small photograph.

Water Chestnut: Trapa nutans
United States

Photograph of this invasive species in Lake Champlain, New York.