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Forensic dentistry, pharmacology, oral pathology explored in CDA Presents lectures - CDA (California Dental Association)

CDA (California Dental Association)
More than 150 lectures and workshops for dentists and their teams are lined up for CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry Sept. 6-8 in San Francisco. Nearly all courses are eligible for C.E. credit and span topics in clinical care, practice ...

Environmental Toxicology: How chemicals interact with environmental species and human physiology - Open Access Government

Open Access Government
Toxicology, a life science discipline, seeks to understand how chemicals, both natural and man-made can interact with environmental species and human physiology to cause harm. The art of toxicology has been known since the time of Socrates who was ...

Mid-day Art Break, yoga and more, July 25 and later -
Bring your own mat. Free. 451-6927. Kayak tour: 7:30-9:30 p.m., July 25, lagoon boat launch, Presque Isle State Park. Experienced paddlers can explore flora and fauna around the lagoons during a guided evening tour. Participants encouraged to bring ...

The SciArt Movement: Why Facebook, MIT And Autodesk Use Art To Drive Innovation - Forbes

Her involvement in the SciArt movement began when, as an art major, she took a course in neurobiology. “As a sculptor, I was struck by the tangible beauty of neurons, protein receptors, ion channels and the chemical processes that are the stuff of our ...

Aesthetics of cell biology showcased at Ann Arbor Art Fair | -
Thousands will take to the streets of Ann Arbor on Thursday to explore the works of featured artists from around the country at this year's Art Fair. Creatives of ...

How a Dallas artist is using watercolor fauna and flora, sculpture to examine a century of war - Dallas News

Dallas News
Cynthia Mulcahy didn't want to be inside a gallery anymore, so she walked away from a career as a private art dealer. Her recent work as a conceptual artist includes 2012's Seventeen Hundred Seeds, a nature-based public art project that created a ...

The American College of Medical Toxicology Offers New 'Total Tox Course' for Emergency Providers - Benzinga

The 3-day course will focus on medical toxicology topics of interest to emergency providers, including toxicological issues of current clinical and public health importance. Attendees will be presented with state-of-the-art updates on the evaluation ...
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Art Exhibit

Jellies: Living Art
United States

exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrating the aesthetic delights of living jellies.

Monterey Bay Aquarium E-Quarium
United States

Monterey. Visitor information, map, exhibit photos, descriptions and updates, animal and plant photos, descriptions, videos, and webcams, special events, conservation ...

Science of Vision and the Emergence of Art
United States

Modern art emerged in the 19th century, during the same period, scientists began to explore how we see. The new ...

United States

Offers serveral exhibits dedicted to squirrels as well as other animals and subjects.

Botany and Botanical Art Education
United States

Resource for botanical artists, providing assistance to artists with their understanding of botany. Provides a virtual herbarium and an online ...

United States

A summer 2007 exhibit at The Field Museum that features cicada specimens from the museum's collections, a video of a ...

LIFE: A Journey Through Time
United States

Frans Lanting photo essay tracing life's adaptations over the eons.

ArtPlantae : Botany and Botanical Art Education
United States

ArtPlantae is a resource provider whose objective is to increase botanical literacy by encouraging an interest in plants and nature ...

Penguin Cam
United States

Webcam of Rockhopper Penguin and Blackfooted Penguin exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Provides link to fact sheet on Blackfooted Penguins.

United States

Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibit exploring the myth and mystery of sharks and rays. Find photos, videos, and facts about two ...

Efil Doog
New Zealand

Garden with original and Polynesian sculptures, art gallery with works by 19th century New Zealand painters, and more.

United States

Dedicated to roses in art, gardens, and history, with photographs and illustrations by Daphne Filiberti.

Kermode Bear Photos

By Ron Thiele.

Lucy's Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia
United States

The exhibit, Lucy's Legacy, introduces the incredible five million-year history of Ethiopia, known as the Cradle of Mankind. International tour ...

Feral Flowers
United States

A 19-year historical documentation of the phenomenon in the Californian deserts known as carpet blooms.

RavenBlack's Corvidae
United States

Photographs, sounds, art, prose, and links about ravens and crows.


Austria's online frog museum featuring frog art and collectibles.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
United States

70 acres includes children's zoo. General information, animal photos and descriptions, and virtual exhibits.

A WhiteHorse.Com
United States

Home of wonderful horses, exciting artists, and stories about the people and events that shape today's champions. Also offers a ...

Roger Williams Park Zoo
United States

Providence. Houses over 957 animals representing 156 species. Includes children's farmyard exhibit, a carousel, and a playground. Site has general ...

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