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The evolution of the mobile phone: in pictures -
The Mototola DynaTAC 8000X was the world's first truly portable commercial mobile phone, and cost $4,000 when it first went on sale in the US in 1983. While the first call made using a mobile phone was made in 1973 by Motorola executive Martin Cooper, ...

JoSon's modern tools illuminate traditional art in 'Fotanicals' - San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle
More than 25 selected works from his book will be on view and for sale during the exhibition, with many of the flowers selected from the garden. “I spent a lot of time at the Botanical Garden and library when I was in graduate school and while working ...

A flying camera that follows you anywhere is the next evolution of the ... - The Verge

The Verge
Back in June we reported on the Airdog, a Kickstarter project we thought might become the ultimate GoPro sidekick. $1.3 million in funding later, the Airdog is about to start shipping out to backers and getting ready to go on sale later this year ...

The Year 2014 In Review: How Johnson & Johnson Became More Pharma ... - Trefis

While the growth in the company's consumer and medical devices & diagnostics segments flattened out, the surge in the sale of its drugs catering to immunology, oncology and infectious diseases kept the wheel spinning this year. Johnson & Johnson ...

Holiday Concerts and the Anatomy of Melancholy - New York Times (blog)

New York Times (blog)
This December, too, shall pass, and with it, this Santa-hat-shaped cat bed. Credit KJ Dell'Antonia. Last night, I attended my children's holiday concert — my seventh, at this particular school; and the last at which all four will perform. My oldest ...

Happening Saturday: Kwanzaa Celebration, the final Sick Sick Birds show, and ... - Baltimore City Paper (blog)

Baltimore City Paper (blog)
-From the Short List: Baltimore's inimitable psychedelic worldbeat band Telesma celebrates the Winter Solstice as well as its own 10th anniversary at the 8x10 with Fractal Cat and Voodoo Pharmacology. Unregistered Nurse Booking presents UN XMAS at the ...

Ashera Cat For Sale

United States

Features FAQs, photos, and more.

UK Club for the Norwegian Forest Cat, The
United Kingdom

Features FAQs, and breeders lists and standards.

Pet Finder
United States

Search for the pet you want from animal rescue shelters across the U.S. and Canada. Also find a humane society ...

FBRL: Tonkinese
United States

Breed profile and links.

United States

Online cat community for cat lovers, including various articles, photo galleries, and more on how to find a breeder, and ...

Tonkinese Genetics
United States

Coat color, pattern, conformation and eye color genetics of Tonkinese.

Siberian: FBRL Breed Page
United States

Features breed characteristics and cattery resources.

Munchkin - FBRL Breed Page
United States

Features breed characteristics and links to catteries.

Singapura: FBRL Breed Page
United States

Features breed standards and characteristics.

FBRL: Nebelung Breed Page
United States

Features breed description and associations.
United States

Online community for Toyger owners and breeders with photos and news about the domesticated cat breed that looks like a ...

Snowshoe: FBRL Breed Page
United States
LoveToKnow Cats
United States

Articles on cat and kitten health, care, breeds, general information, and cat products.
United States

Helps you to create a web page for your cat. Also includes information, forum, shop, eCards, and more.

Kittycat Corner
United States

Offers photos, chat rooms, and answers to the most common questions about cat care and common diseases.

Gorbeh Persian Cat
United States

Includes persian cat gallery, names, and anecdotes.

Daily Cat, The
United States

Feline facts, weekly care tips, breed of the week, and lots of info about cat culture and your cat's unique ...

Cat Fanciers
United States

Information about caring for cats, breeds, shows, genetics, breed rescue, catteries, and other topics.

Cat Network, Inc.

Volunteer organization which traps, spays, vaccinates and releases or adopts stray and abandoned cats.

Egyptian Mau - FBRL Breed Profile
United States

Profile of the spotted breed that bears a resemblance to the cats featured in the paintings of ancient Egypt.

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