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Marine Biology and AP Biology Classes Take Trip to Meadowlands Environmental Center - Cat's Eye View

Cat's Eye View
Teachers are always looking for educational opportunities for students when it comes to broadening their knowledge. Recently, Mrs. Muniz conducted a field trip with her Marine Biology class to the Meadowlands Environmental Center for a workshop ...

OU Botany Club breaks fundraising record with annual plant sale - The Oklahoma Daily

The Oklahoma Daily
Plant sale. Computer science sophomore Sia Prince and philosophy and international studies sophomore Brianica Steenbock check out at the annual Botany Club plant sale. Members of the club said the sale had raised $2,000 by 11 a.m.. Plant sale.

Anatomy of a sale: How to price a pedicab business - Asheville Citizen-Times

Asheville Citizen-Times
After three years making her living on a bike, founder of Asheville Bike Taxi Jessie Lehmann was ready to sell her business. But there was one hangup: How? Selling a brick-and-mortar business comes with enough complication, but Lehmann's business ...

'My Sanctuary': Anatomy Of A Two-Year-Old Sale With Gary Contessa - Paulick Report

Paulick Report
It's easy to skip over five-figure sales when skimming through the list of results at Thoroughbred auctions like the recent OBS Spring Sale. A closer look reveals that even deals in the middle of the market are as drama-packed as those topping the ...

Read this before blaming road rage on your cat - Colorado Springs Gazette

Colorado Springs Gazette
It's "wild, bizarre neurobiology," he said. But in humans, the links between toxoplasmosis and psychiatric diseases or behavior changes so far are only that - correlations, some stronger than others. In February, cat owners breathed a sigh of relief ...

Biology honor society to hold plant sale April 21-22 - The Wichitan

The Wichitan
In honor of Earth Day, the campus biology honor society, Tri-Beta, will hold a plant sale April 21-22 in Bolin to improve the Bolin greenhouse. Randy Lopez, biology senior and president of Tri-Beta, said although the plant sale is an annual event, the ...

UC Biology has Earth Day plant sale in Rieveschl - The News Record

The News Record
In celebration and promotion of Earth Day, the Biological Sciences Greenhouse is hosting a three-day plant sale on the sixth floor of Rieveschl Hall, lining the halls with tables that house dozens of different plants, cacti, trees and herbs. The sale ...

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