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University of Wisconsin and Harvard scientists receive awards from ASNTR - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
She received both her MD (1988) and her PhD (1993) in neurobiology from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 2004. "Dr. Emborg has made outstanding contributions using non-human ...

Barron Collier Graduate Earns Biology Degree at Saint Leo University, Plans Optometry Career - Naples Daily News

Naples Daily News
Janelle Sventek of Naples graduated April 30 with a Bachelor of Science in biology from Saint Leo University ( and will continue her education at the University of Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry ( in San ...

Major advance in biochemistry holds promise for biofuels - University of California

University of California
“The idea of synthetic biology is to redesign cells so they will take sugar and run it through a series of chemical steps to convert it into to a biofuel or a commodity chemical or a pharmaceutical,” said James Bowie, a professor of chemistry and ...

Asimina Triloba (University of Connecticut)

Storrs Mansfield - United States

Photographs and summary description of American pawpaw as well as recommendations for landscape use.

Asimina Triloba (University of Ulm)

Description of the American pawpaw, with photographs of leaves, fruit and flower.

Asimina triloba
United States

USDA species account for Pawpaw.

Asimina triloba
United States

USDA Forest Service species summary.

Asimina triloba
United States

Information on Pawpaws and their cultivation from Purdue University.

Asimina Triloba (Virginia Tech)
United States

Brief description of the American pawpaw and photographs of its form, fruit, bark and flower.

RAPD Inheritance and Diversity in Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
United States

Article describing DNA studies intended to determine the degree of genetic diversity of selected American pawpaw specimens.

University of Connecticut Conservatory
United States

The department of ecology and evolutionary biology presents the greenhouse facilities, visiting information, research capabilities, and an index to basic data sheets for many of the plant holdings.

Diospyros digyna (University of Connecticut)
United States

Greenhouse accession data for the black sapote.

Diospyros kaki (University of Connecticut)
United States

Greenhouse accession data for the Asian persimmon.

Gogarten Lab - University of Connecticut
United States

Researching evolution of proton pumping ATPases and role of horizontal gene transfer.