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Anatomy of two biotech deals worth $20B - MedCity News

MedCity News
Analysts had forecast a blockbuster year for life science mergers and acquisitions as the lower tax rate for repatriated cash kicks-in and Big Pharma continues its hunt for late-stage assets. It seems the predictions may be coming true. Celgene and ...
Zacks Investment Research
Zacks Investment Research

From drug pricing and 'biosimilars' to opioids and culture — a wrap and podcast from biotech's big conference - San Francisco Business Times

San Francisco Business Times
The drugs are common in Europe but have faced opposition in the United States as biotech industry leaders have argued that knockoffs of their large-molecule drugs shouldn't be interchangeable with the brand-name therapies. One of Coherus' next targets ...

Is a Bigger Genetic Code Better? Get Ready to Find Out - Quanta Magazine

Quanta Magazine
Moreover, expanding the number of bases isn't the only way to get more amino acids. George Church, the prominent geneticist at Harvard University known for his entrepreneurial endeavors in biotech, is spearheading an effort to reclaim redundant codons ...

Asper Biotech

Tallinn - Estonia

Offers genotyping equipment and service, resequencing, chip development and coated microarray slides.

Russian Federation

Photograph and information on the Prickly Sowthistle, its description, distribution, ecology and economic significance as a weed species.

Sonchus asper
United Kingdom

Several photographs of the Prickly Sow-thistle and some identifying features.

Erigeron asper

Photographs of plant, flowers and foliage.


Photographs of western water-horehound, its flowers and foliage.

Sonchus asper: Spiny Sowthistle
United States

Photographs of varying stages in the growth of this plant, with its description and identifying characteristics.

Lamda Biotech, Inc.
United States

Provides products and services for life science researchers in the fields of molecular biology, functional genomics, proteomics and gene therapy.

United States

Offers various proteomics products and services including protein identification, protein and peptide characterization, C18 nano columns, custom-packed nano columns.

Azco Biotech, Inc.
United States

Provide solutions for nucleic acid synthesis and detection, supplying instruments and reagents and servicing sequencers and synthesizers.

Biotech Primer Inc.
United States

Offers briefings on genes, proteomics, cloning, xenotransplantation and techniques. Includes calendar for future classes and workshops and registration page.

Argos Biotech

Information-driven directory and portal for the life sciences community. Maintained in Tubingen, Germany.