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Bugs and Birds: New Residents of a Greener Madrid - CityLab

The flagship project of Madrid's quest for biodiversity is centered on the Manzanares River, a modest stream that flows across the city, and that has suffered from decades of bad ideas. In the 1950s, urban planners built seven floodgates along the ...

TERASA LOTT: Declare war on squash bugs and vine borers - SCNow

This time of year has many gardeners frustrated. Lush squash plants that were producing copious amounts of fruit suddenly wilt and die. Closer inspection reveals a yellowish sawdust-like material that is the smoking gun. The culprits are squash vine ...

Assassin Bugs & Ambush Bugs of Kentucky

Lexington - United States

Photographic guide from the University of Kentucky Entomology to the assassin and ambush bugs commonly found in the state.

Assassin Bugs
United States

Article about several species (Triatoma sanguisuga, Reduvius personatus, Melanolestes picipes, Arilus cristatus, and Sinea diadema), sometimes called conenoses or "kissing bugs," that are occasionally found in the home in Ohio.

BugGuide.Net: Assassin Bugs
United States

Provides color photos of, and classification information about, members of Family Reduviidae commonly know as assassin bugs.

Florida Nature: Reduviidae (Assassin Bugs)
United States

See images of Flordia Arilus cristatus (wheel bug) and Zelus longipes (assassin bug) as well as pictures of assassin bugs yet to be identified.

Bugs! in 2D & 3D
United Kingdom

A live-action nature drama, Bugs!, is filmed in immersive 3D and explores the dramatic and savage lives of an Old World praying mantis and a beautiful butterfly.

United States

Database of British and Northern European Coleoptera, including information on habitat, distribution, and fossil occurrence, along with their bibliographic references.

United States

John (Jack) C. Brown from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas has created great microbiology site. It includes a "What the Heck is?", a general interest, and other bug bytes sections.

Lace Bugs
United States

Photographs of these insects, with information on their hosts, symptoms, life cycle and description.

Mealy Bugs
United States

Photographs of these sap-sucking bugs, and information on their hosts, symptoms, life cycle and description.

Bugs in Cyberspace
United States

Images and information on many species of arthropods. Sections on phasmids, mantids, beetles, scorpions, and US invertebrates.

Bed Bugs
United States

Offers information about bed bugs with an overview of their history and life cycle, as well as health risks, treatments, and preventive measures.