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Biodiversity: Why the extinction crisis isn't as bad as you thought - New Scientist

New Scientist
You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the biodiversity crisis. Since about 1500, expanding human activity has condemned vast numbers of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles to an early grave. Now worries have spread to ...

Modeling the ecology and evolution of biodiversity: Biogeographical cradles, museums, and graves - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
The emergence, distribution, and extinction of species are driven by interacting factors—spatial, temporal, physical, and biotic. Rangel et al. simulated the past 800,000 years of evolution in South America, incorporating these factors into a ...

From Cradle to Grave: Model Identifies Factors That Shaped Evolution - R & D Magazine

R & D Magazine
In a major step to that end, an international team of researchers built a computer simulation that takes into account many of the fundamental factors that drive evolutionary adaptation and extinction. Their study, published on July 20th in Science ...

Satellite imagery confirms environmental disaster in Crimea (Photo) - UNIAN

"The Russian occupation authorities' negligent attitude to the unique natural environment in the northern, central and eastern parts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea can lead to a mass extinction of flora and fauna, soil erosion, ecosystem fires ...

Reducing biodiversity loss - New Straits Times Online

New Straits Times Online
This unprecedented rate of biodiversity loss is now happening dangerously some 1,000 times faster than the natural background level, prompting ever louder alarms and warnings of earth's sixth mass extinction. The previous five mass extinctions were ...

Jurassic World Evolution review – thrills at risk of extinction - The Guardian

The Guardian
Jurassic World Evolution review – thrills at risk of extinction. (PS4, Xbox 1, PC) Frontier Developments Dead dinosaurs are only half the problem in an exhausting Jurassic Park simulation that puts business first. Simon Parkin. Sat 30 Jun 2018 09.00 EDT.

Australian biodiversity: Are we in danger of losing the platypus? -
AMID a new call for an inquiry into Australia's animal extinction crisis, experts worry that even one of our most iconic animals isn't safe. WARNING: Distressing ...

Background Extinction

Extinction of the Dinosaurs
United States

Perhaps the most notable event of the Cretaceous was its conclusion. About 65 million years ago the second greatest mass ...

Peripatus: Extinction
New Zealand

A number of extinction concepts are discussed and loosely defined, followed by a survey of some important extinction and "extinction-like" ...

Deep Time
United States

PBS Evolution offers an interactive timeline to help readers better understand geologic time and evolutionary change.

Extinction: The Story of the Passenger Pigeon
United Kingdom

Brief history of the events leading up to the extinction.

Astrobiology Magazine: Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction
United States

With the steep decline in populations of many animal species, scientists have warned that Earth is on the brink of ...

Wikipedia: Holocene Extinction Event
United States

Brief introduction to the widespread extinction of species occurring in the modern era, the Holocene Epoch.

Evolution: A Modern Mass Extinction?
United States

Four expert panelists from the PBS series have written statements in response to the question, "Are we in the midst ...

Mass Extinction Underway
United States

Examines the theory that we are currently living in an era of mass extinction. Offers links to numerous articles and ...

Rodrigues Solitaire (Pezophaps solitaria)
United Kingdom

Description and illustrations of this extinct relative of the dodo from the island of Rodrigues, Mauritius. Rodrigues Solitaire (Pezophaps solitaria) ...

United Kingdom

There have been many mass extinctions throughout the history of the Earth. Probably the most famous is the extinction that ...

Alliance For Zero Extinction (AZE)
United States

The Alliance for Zero extinction (AZE), a joint initiative of biodiversity conservation organizations from around the world, aims to prevent ...

Museum of Paleontology
United States

The University of California Museum of Paleontology is to investigate and promote the understanding of the history of life and ...

Endangered Species -- Encyclopedia Britannica
United States

Endangered species, any species of plant, animal, or other organism that is at risk of extinction because of a sudden ...

Dodo Bird History, Pictures, Extinction: Origins and Isolation of the Dodo Bird
United States

Essay summarizing how recent research has shed a new light on the genetic origins of the Dodo and offers solutions ...

MicroSurfaces, Inc.
United States

Overview of protein array technology from developer and supplier of low background coatings for microarray slides and microfluidics applications in ...

Earth Witness Community

Celebrates the existence of and bears witness to species and natural places on the Earth that no longer exist in ...

Owczarzy, Richard
United States

Online calculations of nucleic acid extinction coefficients, melting temperatures, and links to biophysics databases. Includes thesis, publications and contacts for ...

Dolphins - Wild Animal Watch
United States

An index and teacher's overview for a curricular unit on dolphins. It provides information, content, games, and activities. Students can ...

A Post-Darwinian Probabilistic Model

A probabilistic model of biological evolution with a new interpretation of Darwinian natural selection and 3 examples: 1) 5 mass ...

Snow Leopard

Provides key facts and extensive background.

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