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Auburn professor seeks to improve biodiversity of urban green spaces - Opelika Auburn News

Opelika Auburn News
Auburn Professor Christopher Lepczyk and a team of international researchers recently published a study, “Biodiversity in the City: Fundamental Questions for Understanding the Ecology of Urban Green Spaces for Biodiversity Conservation,” in the journal ...

Cornell Researchers Inspired by Camouflaging Octopi to Create 3D Texture Morphing Technology - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
A gray-green patch of coral appears to sway with the ocean current in a video that was captured by marine biologist Prof. Roger Hanlon, ecology and evolutionary biology, Brown University. Suddenly, part of the coral changes color, expands and darts away.

Scientists turned the skin of mice green — here's why - Business Insider UK

Business Insider UK
There are many diseases that are have known genetic causes that we now have in principle a way to cure," professor of chemistry and molecular and cell biology at the University of California Berkeley Jennifer Doudna told Reuters. Her Doudna Lab team at ...

Bangkok Green

Bangkok - Thailand

We have our own laboratory to incessantly develop new improved varieties of Dendrobium orchids and to control our seedling production. We carry out flower sampling for flower quality inspection on a weekly basis in order to promptly tackle any problem or damage of flowers which possibly happens due to different climates or storage environment.

We have R&D projects to improve orchid varieties by chemical and radiation treatment. We plan to have other projects to develop new improved varieties of Dendrobium orchids by genetic improvement such as Fungal resistant, flower color improvement and increase production.

Biotechnology: Mahidol University, Bangkok

Information on the academic program and the research groups which include agricultural, molecular, medical, food and industrial biotechnology, and bioprocess engineering.

Deep Green - Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group
United States

Group working to facilitate or initiate interaction between distinct research groups that have independent foci yet entail some aspect of green plant phylogeny or systematics.

Green Lacewings
United States

Article by Louise Kulzer about green lacewings (Chrysopidae), their life history, predatory and mating habits in the Seattle, Washington area.

Green Onions
United States

Guide for producing commercial green onions. University of Georgia.

Green Algae
United States

Description of this diverse group of freshwater algae commonly known as chlorophytes, with excellent microscopic images.

Green Moray
United States

Physical description and general information. Special anatomical, physiological or behavioral adaptations.

Green Plant Phylogeny
United States

Green plant phylogeny research coordination group.

Green Mountain Antibodies
United States

Offers cell culture for monoclonal antibody synthesis, coagulation, custom hybridoma production and solid phase ELISA. Includes company profile and technical support from Burlington, Vermont.

Green Sea Turtles
United States

Detailed information on the biology, natural history, and factors affecting the population of these turtles.

Green Manures: Azolla
United States

Traditionally used in SE Asia and now also in Hawaii.