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Pigeons and Doves 101 - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
Common wood pigeon Columba palumbus, a pigeon greatly familiar to many European and Asian people. Credit: Darren Naish. Advertisement. I've said many times at Tet Zoo that there are large groups of animals I've scarcely covered, or never even covered ...

How a Common Beetle May Offer Deep Insights Into Evolution - New York Times

New York Times
Q: This has happened independently in many lineages of rove beetles. How? A: There's clearly something special about these beetles compared to almost all other groups of arthropod and really all other forms of animal life that predisposes them ...

The artist and her evolution - Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette
The first thing Rosamond Purcell photographed at Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology back in the 1980s was a pangolin, or scaly anteater, with “armor-like overlapping limpet shells and rapier claws.” The animal caught her eye because of its ...

Banham Zoo - Animal Conservation

Banham, Norfolk - United Kingdom

Spend the whole day at Banham! Over 2000 animals in almost 50 acres of parks and gardens.

Animal Conservation
United Kingdom

Journal of ecology, evolution and genetics featuring research about the factors that influence conservation of species and their habitats.

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre

Nassau, Bahamas. Visitor information, description of zoo and gardens, photos, and conservation program summary.

Centre for Animal Conservation Genetics - Southern Cross University

Focuses research on molecular evolution, molecular population genetics, and new techniques for molecular studies.

Minnesota Zoo - Animal Cams
United States

Watch sharks, dolphins, and gibbons.

Animal Planet's Zoo Guide
United States

Is there a zoo in your backyard? Explore the alphabetical listings and interactive maps to find zoos and aquariums that are great for people and animals.

San Diego Zoo: Animal Bytes
United States

Facts and pictures of animals and their habitats. Also includes profiles of the animals at the zoo and games for kids.

Animal Planet - Perenties at the Australia Zoo
United States

Information about the 3 lizards at the zoo with photos and video.

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Elephant
United States

Provides quick facts, photos, and video clips of Asian and African elephants. From the San Diego Zoo's official site.

Dolphins - San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes
United States

Get fun and interesting dolphin facts in an easy-to-read style from the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Caecilian
United States

Facts and pictures about Caecilian, the legless, burrowing, snake-like amphibians.