Biology News
UNDP, UN Environment, and the CBD Secretariat launch the UN Biodiversity Lab to revolutionize biodiversity planning ... - UNDP

The UN Biodiversity Lab provides spatial data through a free, cloud-based tool to support Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in reporting on their achievements and to inform their conservation decision making. National ...

Arrests in Kalimantan and Sabah for dealing in protected bird species - TRAFFIC - Wildlife Trade News

TRAFFIC - Wildlife Trade News
7 Concerning the Preservation of Flora and Fauna, in a shop in Pontianak. Trading of protected species is a violation under Act No. 5 (1990) concerning Conservation of Living Resources and their Ecosystems, and could result in a maximum sentence of 5 ...

Mitigation of biodiversity impact inadequate in scale and form - PlanningResource

Mitigation of biodiversity impact inadequate in scale and form. 16 July 2018. The balance of a housing development on a former school site in Dorset was dismissed due to an inadequate response to mitigating the impact on a special area of conservation.

Banham Zoo - Animal Conservation

Banham, Norfolk - United Kingdom

Spend the whole day at Banham! Over 2000 animals in almost 50 acres of parks and gardens.

Animal Conservation
United Kingdom

Journal of ecology, evolution and genetics featuring research about the factors that influence conservation of species and their habitats.

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre

Nassau, Bahamas. Visitor information, description of zoo and gardens, photos, and conservation program summary.

Centre for Animal Conservation Genetics - Southern Cross University

Focuses research on molecular evolution, molecular population genetics, and new techniques for molecular studies.

Minnesota Zoo - Animal Cams
United States

Watch sharks, dolphins, and gibbons.

Animal Planet's Zoo Guide
United States

Is there a zoo in your backyard? Explore the alphabetical listings and interactive maps to find zoos and aquariums that are great for people and animals.

San Diego Zoo: Animal Bytes
United States

Facts and pictures of animals and their habitats. Also includes profiles of the animals at the zoo and games for kids.

Animal Planet - Perenties at the Australia Zoo
United States

Information about the 3 lizards at the zoo with photos and video.

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Elephant
United States

Provides quick facts, photos, and video clips of Asian and African elephants. From the San Diego Zoo's official site.

Dolphins - San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes
United States

Get fun and interesting dolphin facts in an easy-to-read style from the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Caecilian
United States

Facts and pictures about Caecilian, the legless, burrowing, snake-like amphibians.