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Yale immunology researcher chosen as fellow to increase diversity in sciences - New Haven Register

New Haven Register
Post Doctoral Fellow Autumn York is photographed in the lab of Richard A. Flavell in the Anlyan Center in New Haven on September 25, 2017. Arnold Gold / Hearst Connecticut Media. Post Doctoral Fellow Autumn York is photographed in the lab of Richard ...

Science On Tap: How Lab Scientists Use Biochemistry To Better ... - Los Alamos Daily Post

Los Alamos Daily Post
The Earth is a complex place. The field of biogeochemistry seeks to better understand the links between geologic, chemical and biological processes.

Exley Files: McAlear's Lab Discovers “Dancing Genes” - The Wesleyan Argus

The Wesleyan Argus
Sometimes, genes dance with each other. Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Michael A. McAlear and his student researchers found that certain pairs of genes turn off and on together, essentially “dancing” with each other. McAlear ...

Bart's Cookbook and Lab Protocols

San Diego - United States

Introduction to the steps and reagents involved in tissue culture, at the Sefton Lab, Salk Institute, San Diego, California.

Scientific Protocols: Organize your lab protocols online
United States

A free resource to search, store and share protocols online. Access molecular biology, chemistry, and physics protocols used by other scientists, plus manage and share your own scientific protocols.

Lab Protocols, Methods & Techniques

Lab Protocols, Methods & Techniques : Cell Biology Protocols, Cell/ Tissue Culture Protocols, Flow Cytometry Protocols,Genetics & Genomics Protocols,Immunology Protocols,Microbiology Protocols,Molecular Biology Protocols, Plant physiology Protocols,Photobiology Protocols and more...

ASReml Cookbook
United States

Statistical software designed for fitting mixed models for large datasets. Contains commented code for univariate and multivariate analysis including longitudinal and spatial analysis.

Protocols Online: PCR Protocols
United States

Extensive collection of PCR protocols and methods from Protocol On Line.

Russian Federation

Biology methods for determining densities, salt solutions, antibiotics, and compound solutions.

PCR Protocols
United States

Protocols and technical hints, particularly for reverse transcription PCR, somewhat outdated, compiled by Dr Jack Vanden Heuvel, Department of Veterinary Science and Molecular Toxicology Program, Penn State University

Easy Protocols
United States

A compilation of lab protocols, buffer recipes and useful resources for cell and molecular biology research.

Laboratory Protocols

Bilingual list, with references, in the field of biomaterials research, by author from Munich, Germany.

Methods and Protocols
United States

A collection of links to protocols used in biosciences.

Protocols Online
United States

An online resource of laboratory protocols and research technologies for the life scientist.