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Study explains Neanderthal's uniquely shaped face -
Models suggest the Neanderthal's large nose and wide naval passage allowed the early humans to carry large amounts of oxygen in and out of their lungs. "In this respect, Neanderthal breathing was almost twice as effective as it is in we modern humans ...

Johns Hopkins researchers make great strides in understanding biology behind pulmonary hypertension -
Working with cells that line the innermost layer of the blood vessels, Johns Hopkins investigators say they have made a leap forward in understanding the underlying biology behind pulmonary hypertension, a dangerous type of high blood pressure in lungs ...
Medical Xpress The Lungs

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From Henry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body.

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Describes functions and more.

Alveoli of the Lungs
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Information on oxygen exchange, LaPlace's Law, inflation of alveoli, surfactant role in respiration, and exhalation.

HowStuffWorks: How Your Lungs Work
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Explanation of oxygen exchange and other aspects of breathing.

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Describes anatomy and function.

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Describes functions and diseases.