Biology News
California hospital up for sale following toxicology lab shutdown - Becker's Hospital Review

Becker's Hospital Review
Officials said the need to sell the hospital became clear after the facility suspended its lucrative toxicology program. The hospital was forced to shutter the program earlier this year after insurer Anthem sent officials a letter to officials in March ...

Climate change activists seek congressional action - Tribune-Review

“Here in northwestern Pennsylvania, we're feeling the impact in the form of increased insect infestation and huge algal blooms in Lake Erie, both of which can have profound effects on all flora and fauna.” Cooper said his group will meet with Sens ...

Epigenetics: The Evolution Revolution - The New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books
In Lamarck's view, the evolution of life depends on variation and the accumulation of small, gradual changes. These are also at the center of Darwin's theory of evolution, yet Darwin wrote that Lamarck's ideas were “veritable rubbish.” Darwinian ...

Basic Embryology Review Program

Philadelphia - United States

Articles and movies following stages from fertilization through birth, embryonic disc, nervous system, heart, ear, eye, face, limbs, branchial, gastrointestinal and urogenital features. Presented by the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia.

United States

The Cryonic's Institute's Introduction to Cryonics. 11 printed pages.

The Basic Principles of Genetics
United States

An introduction to Mendelian genetics from Palomar College. Includes tutorials, links, and a glossary.

Journal of Basic Microbiology

The journal publishes results of fundamental research on procariotic and eucariotic microorganisms. Particular consideration is given to papers dealing with general aspects of microbial physiology, biochemistry, cytology, genetics, ecology, taxonomy, virology and biotechnology.

Basic Fish Anatomy
United States

Outline of the external features including body shape, head, fins, gills, lateral line, coloring and swim bladder.

Bacteria: Basic Facts
United States

Provides an explanation of what bacteria are, the meaning of the terms gram positive and negative, and other information, with a case history of a post-operative patient to consider.

Basic Goat Primer
United States

With information about the breeding and care of goats.

Basic Immunology Overview
Russian Federation

Multimedia course which covers major topics in basic immunology at an elementary level and higher. A subscription fee is needed to access the course. Created by a clinical immunologist at the Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia.

Nematodes: Basic Lifecycle
United Kingdom

University of Cambridge Schistosomiasis Research Group provides information on the common features of this large and diverse group.

Basic Genetics as Revealed by Cats
United States

Introduction to genetic terminology using the cat as an example. Covers agouti, black, dilute, albino, red, dominant white and piebald.

Basic Biomethodology for Laboratory Mice
United States

Illustrated procedures and methods for restraint, identification, genotyping, injections, blood collection, anesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia for laboratory mice, from a course developed for the NIH.