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Study finds convergent evolution of gene regulation in humans and mice - UC Santa Cruz (press release)

UC Santa Cruz (press release)
Organisms that aren't closely related may evolve similar traits as they adapt to similar challenges. It's called convergent evolution, and familiar examples include the wings of birds, bats, and insects, and echolocation in bats and dolphins. Now ...

Mapping the social landscape: Researchers identify 'social place ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Scientists have, in recent decades, pinpointed neurons called 'place cells' in our brains that encode our own location in the environment, but how our brains represent the positions of others has been a mystery. New research in bats, reveals a sub ...

Recro Pharma Announces Publication of Supportive Phase II IV Meloxicam Data in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology - GlobeNewswire (press release)

GlobeNewswire (press release)
MALVERN, Pa., Jan. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recro Pharma, Inc. (Nasdaq:REPH), a revenue generating specialty pharmaceutical company focused on therapeutics for the hospital and other acute care settings, today announced the publication of ...

Bats: Why should you care?

Martinez - United States

Thematic resource for teachers and students dedicated to the only flying mammal. Provides information about bat anatomy, behavior, habitats, and conservation.

United States

Essay exploring how bats became to be seen as spooky, scary, or dangerous. Discusses bats in the environment, conservation efforts, and some noteworthy factoids about the winged mammals.

All About Bats
United States

Pictures of bats, as well as a list of endangered species of bats in the U.S., and answers to some common questions about bats.

United States

Details and photos of the six families found in the region. Includes details of distribution and habitats.

Texas Bats
United States

Full checklist of 32 species, with links to detailed species accounts.

Fruit Bats
United States

Information on members of the family Pteropodidae, their adaptations, diet and behavior.

The Bats of Britain
United Kingdom

Photos and species accounts. Includes identification key.

United States

Introduction to the species, characteristics, distribution, and references. From the Tree of Life project.

Desert Bats
United States

Includes color photos, scientific names, common names, description, behavior, range, habitats, and life cycle.


Fact sheet about bats in Canada. Learn about bat flight, habitat, echolocation, geographic range, feeding and breeding habits, hibernation, and migration. From the Canadian Wildlife Service.

United States

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offers profiles of six endangered bat species in the U.S. along with general information about bat biology, behavior, and benefits to humans.