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Book review: Evolution of the Learning Brain - TES News

TES News
In Evolution of the Learning Brain, Howard-Jones provides an accessible introduction to the evolution of the nervous system and brain – hoping, perhaps, to provide readers with a more accurate model of how the brain learns. Channelling the spirit of ...

Levers and zippers in the cell's 'customs' - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
The details are published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. "To carry out the study, we used as a model a potassium channel named Shaker, together with mutagenesis, electrophysiology, fluorescence techniques, molecular dynamics simulations and ...

Zebrafish for Toxicology Testing, Dietary Intervention for Pulmonary Injury & In Vitro Screening Featured in ToxSci - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
Newswise — Zebrafish have become an increasingly important model for toxicological studies, and the May 2018 issue of Toxicological Sciences, features a historical perspective and contemporary review of their use in toxicology as part of the year-long ...

Bead Model of Speciation: A Demonstration

Radford - United States

Graphic depiction of a model of an evolutionary branching process described by Martin L. Weitzman in Biodiversity Loss: Economic and Ecological Issues.

Decoding Model: A Symmetrical Model of Color Vision

Paper describing the new model and the evolution of color vision.

Agarose Bead Technologies

Manufacturer of activated agarose beads for affinity chromatography his-tag, antibody and GST protein purification and enzyme and antibody immobilization, as well as non activated agarose beads for size exclusion chromatography and activation processes.

Wikipedia: Speciation
United States

Hyperlinked article about the appearance of a new species of life.

Models of Speciation
United States

Historical phenomenon that is a fundamental issue in evolutionary biology.

Evolution 101: Speciation
United States

Allows readers to explore different ways to define a species and learn about the various processes through which speciation can occur.

Biology Century: Speciation
United States

Covers what a species is, modes of speciation, and rates of speciation.

Observed Instances of Speciation
United States

FAQ discussing several instances where speciation has been observed.

Species, Speciation, and the Environment
United States

Article by Niles Eldredge outlining how environment change plays a major role in the evolution of species.

Ensatina eschscholtzi: Speciation in Progress
United States

Classic example of Darwinian evolution. This lungless salamander is now in the process of splitting into two or more species by means of gradualism.

United States

Addresses the question: What is a species, and what are the different ways it can be defined?