Biology News
Omega-3s help keep kids out of trouble: How diet, biology can ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Something as simple as a dietary supplement could reduce disruptive, even abusive behavior, according to newly released research.

Giant neurons in the brain may play similarly giant role in awareness and cognition - Science Daily

Science Daily
All of those dazzling traits, however, depend on an underappreciated deep brain mechanism that Donald Pfaff, head of the Laboratory of Neurobiology and Behavior at The Rockefeller University, calls generalized arousal, or GA for short. GA is what wakes ...

Newly discovered shark species honors female pioneer - Phys.Org

Eugenie Clark was a pioneer in shark biology, known around the world for her illuminating research on shark behavior. But she was a pioneer in another critical way, as one of the first women of prominence in the male-dominated field of marine biology.

Neurobiology Links Aggressive Behavior and Addiction ... - (blog) (blog) Interview with: Scott J. Russo PhD Fishberg Dept. of Neuroscience Friedman Brain Institute, and Center. Dr. Russo. Scott J. Russo PhD

Darwinian Theory and Evolutionary Psychology — A Troubling Legacy - Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute
To an outsider, evolutionary psychology seems like a field riddled with fabrications of clever stories — some of them rather far-fetched — that try to explain human behavior as the product of evolutionary processes. According to evolutionary ...

Thermal Protein Profiling May Offer New Insights on Antibiotic Resistance - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Scientists from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) say they have adapted an existing technique to study the melting behavior of proteins so that it can be used for the study of bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is spreading worldwide so ...

Study reveals two hormones that may decrease religiosity - Big Think (blog)

Big Think (blog)
Do hormones and physiology have any role in whether you believe in God? Such is the implication of a recent study published in the journal Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology. The study's author Aniruddha “Bobby” Das of McGill University conducts ...


United States

Learn about instinctive dog behavior, socializing, obedience training, and housetraining puppies. Also covers behavior problems in dogs such as digging, ...

Encyclopedia of Psychology - Animal Behavior
United States

Annotated links to resources on animal behavior and instincts.

BehavioRx Pet Behavior Resources
United States

Articles, tips on selecting a behavior consultant, monthly case studies, and more.

Animal Behavior Society
United States

Includes Applied Animal behavior Certification information and selected animal behavior web resources.

United States

Provides articles and photographs of wolves and links to many related sites.

Movie Archives of Animal Behavior

An online animal behavior video database available in various formats. Most clips filmed in Japan.

Dr. P's Dog Training Library: Behavior Problems
United States

Comprehensive collection of online articles and resources for dog behavior issues.

Elephant Corner: Mentality, Cognition and Behavior of Elephants
United States

Moti Nissani details his research into elephant behavior, cognition and senses, with sounds and video clips.

Social Behavior of Polistine Wasps
United States

Electronic studio project on the social behavior of polistine wasps, adapted to teach the basics of animal behavior to college, ...

Behavior of Real Ants

Facts concerning ant trails and foraging behavior.

Pet Behavior Clinic
United States

behavior information and problem solving strategies for dogs, cats, birds, wildlife, and other pets.

Animal Behavior/Sensory Biology
United States

Article from Wikibooks explaining that, by learning how the senses gather information, a better understanding of behavior is gained.

Article: Bee Behavior
United States

By studying bees as individuals and as a colony, Stephen Taber researches how their behavior may be changed to our ...

Behavior Genetics Association
United States

Promote scientific study of the interrelationship of genetic mechanisms and behavior, both human and animal. Features links to journal, meetings, ...

Human Behavior and Evolution Society
United States

Encourages the use of evolutionary theory in expanding our understanding of human and animal behavior.

Brain and Behavior, from Serendip
United States

Interactive exhibits, forum, and links aimed at exploring the observational basis and significance of the assertion that the nervous system ...

Journal of Insect Behavior
United States

Offers peer-reviewed research articles and short critical reviews on all aspects of the behavior of insects and other terrestrial arthropods ...

Anatomy, Behavior, and Diseases of Cats and Kittens
United States

Helpful overview of typical feline diseases, behavior, and nutritional needs. Also includes info on allergies and weight control.

Ontologies for Ethology

Peter E. Midford's research in coding animal behavior descriptions, particularly ethograms using ontology.

Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
United States

Information from Indiana University's program on animal behavior.

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